What do your neighbors think?

I noticed that a post about neighbors not approving of your Airbnb hosting. So far, I’ve not had any complaints from my neighbors. But my guests have never been noisy or have parked in their area either.

What complaints have your neighbors had?

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Our neighbors have not complained at all. In fact, they are supportive. Several of our neighbors run businesses out of their homes. One next door neighbor is a realtor who works from home. The neighbor on the other side is a caterer who runs her business from home.

So far my neighbors have never complained and I hope to keep it that way.
We do try to meet our guests and if they inform us they are out for the evening and returning late we ask them to respect our neighbors and return quietly. We have outdoor lights and clear instructions on parking to help.
We once had four young students arrive early and sit on our neighbors drive way eating take-out! I hurriedly got everything ready and allowed them early access to our property! Rather that than have anyone upset.

Hope everyone else has had mostly good experiences.

My neighbors are understanding! Plenty of parking so no worries about that. Last Christmas my neighbors hijacked my guests and had them over for Christmas dinner! I keep hearing all this loud German conversation coming from next door and worried it might bother my guests. Well it WAS my guests! lol, glad they found someone to have them for Christmas, as I really couldn’t.

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I once has guests who were here for a wedding. There was a very loud party going on next door on the first evening they stayed here. My other half, knowing that I am concerned about my guests enjoying our peaceful neighbourhood, couldn’t understand why I wasn’t concerned about the loud party.

I calmly told him that the party was a pre-wedding occasion for wedding guests and that OUR guests were attending the wedding and were there enjoying the party :slight_smile:


My neighbors are also supportive. On one side is a woman older than me who once ran a true bed-and-breakfast in a huge home they restored. Hearing her stories of no-shows and bad checks makes me even more thankful for airbnb.

On the other side is woman who works at a bank but is also a noted nightclub singer. She has a LTR and thought about doing airbnb but decided it wasn’t for her.

Very thankful!

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We have two homes that we are trying to keep by doing Airbnb. One where we have lived for years and one now by our son. We are going back and forth and taking guests in each home when we aren’t there. The new place that has a back driveway. My neighbors go in their home and windows are closed for either heat or AC! No problem with Airbnb guest! They don’t even know they are here!
Our old home has a front driveway and is on a cul-de-sac!!! It is in S. California so everyone has their windows and doors open year around. My neighbors are in an uproar. They are trying not to worry but I am concerned constantly! I have only had three guest there-two were great. The third guest booked for only a husband and wife, arrived at 9:30 at night at 11:00 another couple and three single guys came in late with tons of empty plastic bins and unassembled cardboard boxes—my neighbors were hysterical! No luggage - just empty boxes!
It’s a hard balance. We want to be by our son but that is the easiest Airbnb! Sigh, we are torn!!!

I suspect that none of my neighbors have noticed. I live in an “older” neighborhood where the gorgeous homes have been divided into 2 and three family homes. We are only one of a few remaining single family homes. In this neighborhood, there are tenants everywhere. They come. They go. They have no “ownership” of this place. They are spending two years getting a degree from Harvard or MIT, then they leave; or they have a short term contract; or they are upwardly mobile professionals who will move on the moment they get married or have a kid. A few properties used to have onsite owners, but they have moved on so their entire property is now temporary residents. I don’t really care what these tenants think. Of the owner occupied homes, at least half are renting a room in their home on AirBNB. Costs are high around here. Heating these old homes is hard. AirBNB is a way of leveraging our space for some extra cash. Plus, it is fun to have so many different personalities moving through our homes.

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