What do you think on shooting your place with only natural light?

For me, light is key in interior photography.I have seen many interior photographers shooting with the artificial lights on while others discourage this aginst shooting with the available sunlight and long exposures to capture more light.

I’m must say that the pictures I love most were shooted with natural light. It seems that artificial light brings a lot of color cast that it is hard to balance when you have different light sources going on (especially if you have a mixture of tungsten light and sunlight).

What are your thoughts about this? v

All my photos for AirBNB are with natural light. That is, after all, my “pop” of color. And the rooms look their best when the sun is streaming through the windows.

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I note that a lot of Airbnb photographs use to shot with all the interior lights turned “ön”. I don’t like the final effect of seeing a strong yellow cast in some walls, and especially on how that light takes out the original appearance of materials like wood, fabric, etc.

I love natural light but I know it has its challenges for interior photography. Sometimes it isn’t enough of it to get the proper shoot.

Whatever you do, don’t mix natural and artificial (especially neon/florescent)

I have Airbnb’s guidelines for photographers (I think I have posted them elsewhere on here) and they ask for natural lighting only (and neutral white balance).

I am an interior designer and always want my residential projects to be photographed with natural lighting exclusively.

Natural light because the majority of guests arrive during daylight hours and I want the apartment to look as it did when they saw the listing.

Here, Airbnb´s photographers shoot using all the available lights inside the house. I can see that from the Verified Pictures. While you might get crisp pictures I don´t like the end result. If there is a mixture of different lighting temperatures in the house, it becomes very hard to white balanced the picture later.

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