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What do you say in your listing about host interactions?

There are all kinds of listings and all kinds of hosts, and what is bizarre to one might be perfectly acceptable to another.

So here’s my question. In the section of your listing where you describe the host/guest interaction, what wording do you use?

(Maybe for reference also mention the type of listing you have)

I have a whole house rental with a lock box. I simply indicate that cohost and myself are available, if needed. They may call, message us on Airbnb or send us a text. I leave my landline number and cellphone number on the kitchen island with a note.

Is that the part labeled “During your stay” on what the guest sees? If so, it’s this:

“I prefer to be home when guests arrive and enjoy meeting new people. However, during the pandemic I am social distancing and minimizing contact with guests when possible. I am happy to help guests in any way I can with information about our area.”


Yes, it’s in “Your Place / Interactions with Guests”. Mine is a separate suite attached to our house.

“We prefer to give our guests privacy, but we can be contacted by message, text, or WeChat”

I tell folks we meet them, walk them around to their private entrance, and give them a “tour” of the Poolside Cabana and how things operate.

Since I bring breakfast to them on the lanai each morning, they had better expect some ‘host interaction’ or they don’t get fed!!!

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We select the exact same radio button Jefferson does above.

We also add the blurb below to our general profile on all listings under “During your stay.” Not even sure guests read it (they hardly read anything, lol). Correct me if I’m not answering your question!

Whole condo 2br/2ba rental. Remote host.

I greet guests in person as long as they are not arriving in the middle of the night - which is rare and usually people flying from abroad.

The listings tell them that I live opposite (or next door to in the case of the second apartment) their apartment and that as I work from home I’m available most of the time in case they need anything.

Putting the fact that I live there deters potential guests who might be looking for a place to party or get up to something.

So, I can’t find that category. I know I completed it, but where is it located. I called CS to ask…hahaha! “I’m sorry, ma’am, but that category doesn’t exist”

Go to edit your listing and select info for guests

That is funny on so many levels

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I have a home share. My first floor offering is a one bedroom and sitting room with a bath that must be accessed through the sitting room. The hall itself is not private. Guests have use of the entire first floor but can’t cook in the kitchen. Two large upstairs rooms (Currently closed) share a bath.
We say this: Two creative hosts who love to laugh with their guests. Let them offer you a wealth of information on Western MA and New England. Feel free to blissfully ignore them if you like.
P.S., Then we complain bitterly when they ignore us, lol.


We host 2 rooms within our home. We are always onsite when guests arrive and depart. This is what our listing says…

Once we’ve met and you’ve settled in, we’ll leave you alone to enjoy your break. Guests are always welcome to interact with us as much or as little as they like. We are happy to share our knowledge of the area, and answer any questions or assist with finding information.

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This is a topic I have given much thought to lately. My listing says the following:

I won’t be available in person. This is my weekend and retirement home, but I am only a phone call, text or email away 24/7.

BUT one of my standard communications sent to the guest within a couple days of arrival is this:

I will definitely stay out of your hair during your stay, but if you could drop me a line after your arrival and let me know if everything is to your satisfaction, I would greatly appreciate it.

I’ve fiddled with it over the years, but the gist is always the same. I host remotely and I want to know when guests arrive if they are happy with what they walked into. Funny enough, I notice there is a big generational difference between the responses. Folks between maybe 35 and older respond as I would hope. (“Hi! We are here and we love it! So excited!”) but young people, especially those who rent my vintage travel trailer guest house will respond with “We just arrived!” with no comment whatsoever as to whether they are pleased or disappointed.

I used to get a bit bent about it, but I have come to the conclusion that the younger people - and I mean some of these people are still in college - interact with me like I’m their Mom checking to make sure where they are. Some will even message me on the way and let me know their ETA even though I have completely flexible check-in.

I work very hard at having warm, welcoming and accommodating messages that - while often from a template - are usually personalized to some degree. I am not there physically but I want them to know I am truly just a ping away.


We list our guesthouse which is less than 20’ from the main house and overlooks our pool, yard and small urban farm. We have to pass through that area to access the farm animals. We greet all our guests upon arrival and let them know we are available to help with anything if needed. We also make sure they understand that we will be passing through to access the barnyard. In our listing description, we are very clear that for our price-point we are not willing to completely give up one of the best parts of our home - the backyard and pool area. We do offer to give them complete privacy for a window of time if they ask. Also, we ask that they let us know if they will be gone for an extended period of time so we can do any yard work, maintenance, etc…or just enjoy the pool to ourselves while they are not here. It isn’t the standard hosting arrangement, but it has worked for us for the most part. Every now and then we get a guest who makes us feel like a stranger in our own yard, but that’s few and far between.

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