What do you like/dislike about Misterbnb?

For those of you who list on this site…any positive or negative differences between that platform and Airbnb? I see they have Air’s infamous extenuating circumstances policy. It’s a shame they didn’t do away with that one.

Also, is it assumed all the hosts are gay, or just that they all welcome gays?


Curious about this too?? I would love to list on Mister BNB but not a gay male.

I have just been told by a member here :wink: that when you list with MisterBnb you can choose to list yourself as a gay-host or as gay-friendly.


I have considered listing with them, but am a bit concerned about double booking by accident. That is the worst thing that can happen for guests, I think.

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I’ve considered listing with them but yes, I did feel a bit concerned that I might not fit well. Even though you can list as gay-friendly, I really have no idea about the best gay nightlife here, at least not up-to-date, or anything else gay-related and that does seem to be a big part of their marketing. On the other hand, it is ridiculous to assume that all gay people like the same things and want to only do “gay things” ! I’ve hosted loads of gay couples and they just do tourist stuff like everyone else, amazingly (!!).

edit just to clarify I did not mean to criticise the site, my comment was intended as self-criticism

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Double booking is exactly the nuisance with being on multiple platforms.
Our solution for the moment:
AirBnB > Instant Book
MisterBnB > NO IB
And unfortunately blocking dates when someone expresses the wish to book through MisterBnB.

I think one of the important reasons why gay men book through MisterBnB is just knowing they (and their money) will end up in a place where they are totally accepted.
I believe that in times of internet everywhere, the information given about gay venues is less important.

I will only list with them when my channel manager will included them.

Who here lists with them, and how do you do so when they only allow you to list on rate per year (no seasonal rates)???

It’s not really a great idea to revive topics from five years ago. People who posted then no longer do.

Policies and circumstances have changed. Feel free to start a new discussion.