What do you do with guests who can barely understand English?

On about 3 occasions I have booked to guests who can communicate via written English, but when they arrive, they are barely able to understand my spoken English. One was French and two were Japanese. I clearly mark that the language I speak is only English, but they usually tell me something like, I am trying to practice my English to get better. However, it is frustrating to realize they can’t even read or understand my house rules. I am always amazed when they can arrive at my house at all, especially when using public transit. Several of my Asian guests apparently have wandered about, lost for 20 minutes, before reaching my home, in spite of my clearly printed instructions. This is the case when they don’t have cell phones that can use data when they get here. I suppose I could use Google Translate to print a copy of a translation to their native language. What have other hosts done in these situations to improve communications? Thanks.

Hi, we offer translation services over at Guest Hook. If you’re interested we could take your house rules (and any other guest docs you have) and translate them into the languages you need.

Happy to talk more details if you’re interested. Either drop a note via our contact page or message me.

Cheers, Andy