What do you ask guests to do for check-out instructions?

I’m making a list of check out instructions to hang up for guest’s to have easy access to see them. I thought I would see what other hosts ask guests to do at check out to see if there is anything I should add.

Here are mine:

Check-out time is 11:00am
Please leave the house in the condition you found it
Leave beds unmade and any used towels or linens on the floor
If you had a pet, please clean up any pet waste in the yard

upon check out:

Please strip bed and towels and put in basket
Wash and dry dishes, clean stove
Clean BBQ if used
Remove all trash from property. (Take it with you, do NOT leave in my carport!)
Ok to leave useable condiments behind
Check for valuables such as chargers.
Leave room as you found it.
Leave key on table, do not lock room

Mahalo for staying with us!

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Mine are lock the front door and post the keys in the letter box. That’s it!


I don’t have a checkout list. I have basics in the house manual but few guests read it. But the majority of guests ask me the night before departure if there’s anything special they should do. I give them the key instructions (either hand to me or leave on the dining table, preferably the former) and that ‘I appreciate it if you follow Airbnb’s guest guidelines and leave the place as you found it’.

Leave the kitchen as you found it; clean dishes in the drying rack are okay. Leave the keys on the table, turn the heat down and either message or text me when you leave. I hope you enjoyed your stay!

Check-out instructions vary greatly between whole house rentals and shared house rentals. I have my check-out instructions in my Handbook, but I also message the guest the night before to see if they have any questions and usually remind them of a few points.

Plus, I have this sign in the kitchen. It is a piece of nice plywood with chalkboard paint.

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Thanks for your specific guidelines.

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  1. Load dishwasher (no need to start it, thanks!)
  2. Don’t strip beds, please (cleaner has a specific process)
  3. turn off lights and AC
  4. lock door and drop all keys in our mail slot
  5. text that you’re leaving (333-33-3333)

Thanks for staying with us!

I would LOVE to add, “Please treat any stains with Oxy bottle in bathroom” but I can’t bring myself to do this. Once again, I missed some very faint stains on the fitted sheet that went through the dryer and I now need to buy another entire set of sheets.

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Like @chicagohost, stains are a problem. Do any of you address this in your checkout instructions? I don’t necessarily want them to treat the stains, just let me know so I can handle it!
Here are mine:

I don’t charge a cleaning fee for your benefit, so please reciprocate by
leaving the suite in a similar state to how you found it—tidy up, but no deep
• Put garbage and recycling in the cans in the suite (no need to take them
down to the alley bins unless you really want to!)
• Leave slept-in beds unmade (don’t worry about stripping them)
• Hang used towels on hooks or put down the laundry chute (in the lounge)
• Return any borrowed items to their location (picnic items, chairs) & beach
towels in the downstairs hallway bin.
• Check for any personal items (Did you check closet, bathroom, shower,
and under beds?)
• Make sure the door is locked behind you!
Thank you for visiting – I hope you’ll stay with us again!

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Checkout instructions are subjective to the type of one’s listing and preferences. Here are mine:

( ) Wash, dry and put away any dishes and cooking items you have used.
( ) Remove grease and grime from the stove-top and oven after use.
( ) Remove all trash and deposit it in the trash chute down the hall.
( ) Empty the refrigerator of perishable or expired items. You may leave frozen items, newly purchased condiments or factory-sealed foods for future guests. (Use your discretion.)
( ) Return the Parking Permit and Security Key to the hook on the refrigerator.

(You may leave the blinds open and the A/C speed on Low. It is not necessary to latch the door to the balcony.)

The housecleaner will take care of everything else.

Thank you ~ and safe travels!

Leave the keys on the dresser

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Get a keypad for entry. No keys is a lifesaver.


Dresser? Not following…

I tell them to leave all their dishes in the room and just worry about getting all their belongings together before check out time. No written instructions.

(suite of rooms in my house)

This is my check out list
Check out:
The house should be left in the same basic condition as found upon arrival.
Please turn off all lights and fans.
Please turn the thermostat OFF
Please lock the front door and the door to the back yard.
Please put the garage door opener and the parking passes where you found them
Please text at ******** upon departure