What do y’all think of this?

Interesting article.

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Trump’s EO is DOA. It will never have any effect on anything.


I certainly hope you are right about this!

I think the whole thing is ridiculous. He wasn’t censored. They didn’t change his tweet or remove his tweet, they merely put a fact-check note on it. I was one of many people who flagged that tweet. Twitter has a specific rule about posting information concerning election processes and he broke it but it’s not censorship. Besides, the 1st amendment doesn’t apply to twitter, lol.

How the hell did we get a president that doesn’t even understand the constitution?

Funny enough they did actually censor him the day after he threw his tantrum and did the EO. But that was for a different tweet where he threatened violence, which is another rule on twitter. They still didn’t remove the tweet or edit the tweet, they only placed a warning over it and explained how it was against the TOS. Honestly, they could just ban him if they wanted.

But sorry @Keugenia, that’s probably not what you’re asking :grimacing: I also don’t think anything will become of it as @KKC said.


I wasn’t asking anything. I posted it because of the speculation of what it might do to AirBnB reviews and so on. I hope @KKC is correct but with him in the WH, and so many judges appointed by him, I rather worry about things.

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He thinks he’s king and that all he has to do is make an executive order and he’ll get his way. Luckily there are laws and a constitution. Which of course he isn’t informed about because he doesn’t read. He’s such an evil moron.


Once again, The Donald has delusions of being a king. He has absolutely NO POWER to do this. All the “order” did was order the FCC to “consider” changes to FCC rules, but the shield for web sites is in STATUTE which Congress has to change, and you can bet they’d rather the idiot stopped Tweeting and making their lives miserable. November 3rd can’t come too soon!


It’s just another distraction to hide his gross incompetence. Again JMHO

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His tantrum is meaningless.


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The orange monkey is confusing Exec orders with laws. It is meaningless and hopefully will sway more to vote against.

Note: no offense is meant in any way toward Orangutans. They are lovely animals.