What do when a baby (guest) is on the way?

Challenges hosting families with babies and small children?

Hello all family-friendly hosts in the Greater Seattle area. We are trying to find a way to inform hosts of our services. If you have guests coming with children-infants then we would like to help! I have been told that you cannot charge for babies visiting or for providing cribs/etc to help them out. If you know of a better way to get the word out to hosts, please help! We don’t like spam, and don’t want to do that to anyone else, but are out of ideas!

Most families and hosts we talk to are not aware that they can rent cribs, high chairs, car seats, toys, etc.

We can delivery, setup and remove all gear and equipment your guests may need during the stay. Since we are a 3rd party, there would be no charge or contract with you, the hosts. If a guest does come through you, we do offer referral bonuses!

We also provide transportation to and from SeaTac with car seats to your home.

Please check out our website at Rentals 4 Baby

Thank you

Have you tried reaching out to Seattle Airbnb and vacation rental facebook groups? You could always let the admins know about your services to see if they would allow you to post your services.

You mention not being able to charge for babies. That’s an Airbnb default rule. I would suggest reaching out to all people who have vacation rentals, and not just those who list on Airbnb. Wish I could be of more help…

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I think many guests who allow and or encourage families with young children tend to have things like cribs or playpens and high chairs available. It’s much cheaper to buy these items have the option to increase prices than to rent and hire someone to come in and set up etc. Parents also tend to pack whatever is needed. I know I always brought my own travel gear when my kids were babies. It also would mean allowing more people into their rental which may not be a good fit for many hosts.

do you have any videos showing how much easier it would be for parents to use your service? As a mother of 3, we’ll take ease on vacation or struggle and overpacking anyday.

Video is powerful. Showcase your products in a short video with parents struggling with packing and transporting baby equipment VS setting up rentals with you guys. Doesn’t have to be over the top expensive or fancy. Just be real and we’ll get it.
Then shoot it out on FB, target your audience and you should be able good to go. Might find marketing options and an undiscovered audience