What do guests see when charged for extra services?

Question: I have charged my guest a pet fee through the resolution center. She can see the message coming through but cannot see the link to pay. What should the guest normally see when they are charged for extra services?
Thank you.

When I do this I send them the link to pay. So go find the link and copy and paste it into a message to them.

I’m not sure what they see but I had many guests have trouble until I started sending them the link.


I’ve also heard this can be a glitch on the app- if they look at the message on a browser that could solve it

This is one of the reasons I stopped asking for pet fees through res center, the other reason is I get tired of checking to see if its been paid.

When a guest messages me and says they are bringing a dog I tell them we can settle the fee when they check in. I have a note in the cabin reminding them to either leave cash or Venmo me. Everyone has paid, most use Venmo.


Thanks… this makes sense.

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