What Coffee do you purchase for guests?

I am not a coffee drinker and am not sure what my coffee drinking guests will want. Do you provide guests with Coffee Beans w/ a Coffee Grinder or if you provide them with individual Coffee Packets? Any specific recommendations?

We supply a container with “Cremora” coffee creamer, Nestle coffee individual one cup packets , sugar same way and tea bags. Also, in fridge, one small long life milk. We also supply a four cup coffee press, (with instructions not to put the used coffee grounds down the sink) and four individual packs of ground coffee, all enough four four people two have two drinks of everything each. We supply directions to the nearest store where groceries are available. Personally, I hate instant coffee and Cremora, but fresh ground is quite expensive and Cremora is convenient.

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I subscribe this from Amazon every 2 month

We order our beans from a roaster in New Jersey. Our order includes 5 different roasts. We then mix them at home with our own formula. Every morning I grind the coffee I expect a guest to use and place it in a French canning glass jar and place in their rooms.

My goodness. Raise your price by a dollar a night and don’t give your guests Cremora. Unlike @Justice_Peace, I can’t serve my guests anything I wouldn’t be willing to consume myself.


I have a plethora of coffee options for guests, but I rent my whole house. I have a whole collection of coffee devices. Drip maker, stove top expresso, Chemex, French press and stove top percolator. For my guests I offer good old Folgers. They are welcome to go to the store and buy whatever they want for themselves.

In my vintage travel trailer guest house I offer only an electric percolator and again, ground Folgers.

However, if I rented a room with limited space for food prep I would probably offer a small drip maker with filters and ground coffee. Or break down and get a Nespresso with the aluminum packets. I’m not a fan of Keurigs. The waste bugs me plus I don’t think the coffee gets hot enough.


We buy bulk ground coffee (Kirkland), both caffeinated and de-caff, and have two clearly marked containers on the counter. The machine is a medium sized “Mr Coffee” type. We also provide caff and de-caff teas and a hot pot.

My partner and I are divided on the caffeine issue. For ‘medical’ reasons she only drinks de-caff coffee and tea. I, on the other hand, love a good cuppa ‘real’ coffee or tea.


We leave one good organic dark roast left in the fridge for those that like the french press. For everything else we have an assortment of kcups for a Kerurig machine. We leave 3 different teas, a hot chocolate, a light, medium and dark roast coffee all in a little spinning organizer.


Do you just leave an open canister that is shared by other guests, or do you portion it into a bag?

Good ol’ Folgers (ground) for the rental guests for me also. I get the large jug and dole that out into an attractive air-lock container marked “Coffee” and keep the measure scoop hanging on the wall next to the drip pot. They get the caffeine type only. It’s a complimentary amenity and they are free to purchase their own.


We serve whatever we feel like serving on any given day: We buy two types of ground coffee here in the city center and we have a good brand of instant coffee.

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I leave a 1-pound bag of locally roasted, organic, shade-grown, fair trade whole-bean coffee to get our guests started.

The names of the various roasts are catchy, so I try to match the name of the roast on the nature of the visit. I buy several packages when it goes on sale.

We have a grinder, french press, commercial coffee maker and espresso/latte machines. (I leave Starbucks French Roast for the espresso.)


My house is set up exactly as we live. With the exception of labels on stuff. The coffee is in a vintage canister set and renters are welcome to use everything in the kitchen. Butter, olive oil, cake mix, pasta, whatever. I buy in larger sizes and keep all that in the pantry. Oddly, I find that guests don’t clear me out of canned soups or cake mixes. Occasionally, I will get a text asking if they can use the olive oil. I do keep my frozen stuff out in a freezer in the garage.


Us, too. If someone leaves behind an item that might be useful I’ll just leave it there. Condiments in the fridge, and an array of Asian cooking products. Flour, sugar, honey, oats, pancake mix, olive oil and spices, selection of teas and hot chocolate. It seems we don’t need to replenish them very often.

Once I accidentally didn’t clear out a cupboard of our own items, so I emailed the guests to ask them to put them to one side. They ended up using them (packages of pasta and jars of sauce) and left $15 to cover the cost.


My cupboards are not bare by any means, but I try to leave some space so guests have some space to put stuff away. The fridge is bare except for condiments, or I will leave a quart of milk if I was just there.

It is really different when you live there and it is your home … a home we live in two weekends a month, give or take, and all vacations. We do try to keep all dressers and closets half empty.


I use the same coffee as PING above. I purchase this locally from BigLots for $25. I offer packets of Splenda & sugar, non-dairy powdered creamer & mini-moo containers (1/2 & 1/2 creamer not requiring refrigeration). My condo has a Keurig type brewer and a traditional cone drip brewer (12 cup pot). Guests may purchase their own coffee if they want to use the coffee pot.

nespresso coffee machine and pods/capsules in 2 different strengths. At first I thought guests would use loads of them and it would prove very expensive (about 40pence a cup!) but actually this hasn’t been the case.

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i buy smaller bags of coffee from tjmaxx (seattle’s best coffee, starbucks, kahula brand, etc.)

I tried buying those large 3 lb bags of French Roast Starbucks from Costco but many guests thought it was too dark and over half the bag was eventually thrown away. This happened twice so I’ve given up on buying their French Roast although it was super cheap.

Since finding Taylors of Harrogate Hot Lava Java coffee bags, and similar decaffe bags, my coffee machine has become redundant. It makes a terrible racket in the kitchen, encouraged guests into our space and I was constantly burning myself. Feedback from guests has been really good, with some nipping down the road to buy a supply for work!

I’m providing a Nespresso Coffee machine, and most coffee loving guests seem to be happy with it.

Guests can choose between coffee with different intensity, flavors and size + many people love the mil steamer on the side

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Unlike yourself, I live 1200 miles away so I’m afraid personal grind not an option.

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