What can you do if someone doesn't leave a review? All our have been lovely... but the last people haven't left one?

What does it mean if someone doesn’t leave a review? All ours have been positive but last 2 haven’t left one…

that will happen…what you can do when you meet them is remind them to review you and you will review them and that the more reviews they get the easier it is to get booked.I also have a reminder on my fridge for them.

It is disappointing, especially if you’re new to hosting, but @diamond54 is right - people don’t always leave one. Many hosts on this forum will tell you they no longer review guests.

You’ll get used to it after awhile - hopefully you’ll be to busy hosting to notice!

I send all guests a message after their stay to say how much I enjoyed having them stay and that if they have a moment I would appreciate them leaving me a review as this helps me make sure I am providing a good service.

I have only had one guest who hasn’t left a review so far.

So true! New hosts soon realise that getting reviews isn’t the be-all and end-all of hosting life. It really doesn’t ‘mean’ anything when a guest doesn’t leave a review. With some, as far as they’re concerned they’ve had their holiday, it was fine, but it’s over now.

With others, they are busy with their day to day lives when they get home and leaving the host a review isn’t a priority for them. I once had a couple who, on the last night they were here, discovered that an elderly relative had died - I’m sure that they had much more on their plates when they got home to write a review on a vacation that was over.

With some guests, they have moved on to the next leg of their trip and are excited and busy exploring a new place. Reviewing you will be the last thing on their mind unless they have something to complain about, in which case be glad they didn’t leave a review!

P.S. Contrary to popular wisdom. I never ask guests for a review. It just seems too grovelly to me.


Yup. Boot licking… I have had a few folks not leave a review. I only asked one of them to consider doing so, after a week had gone by, telling her that I wanted more guests from Mainland China [a big number of whom come to Boston yearly] and so a review in Chinese would be beneficial for me. She wrote the most lovely review you could ask for. I think she was worried about writing a review in English, a difficult language for her.


In addition to all the good points made, another point to consider is that sometimes new Airbnb guests, trying it out for the first time, realise that it’s not for them. They don’t want to say anything negative because it wasn’t your fault and they’re decent people operating on the old ‘if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all’ adage. It’s a blessing when such people don’t leave a review, I think. Of course, it’s disappointing when everything went well, guests seemed very happy yet they don’t review. But it’s just the name of the game. Sometimes it happens the other way around: guests who were very quiet, non-committal and uncommunicative and you dread seeing their review - they end up leaving you a sparkling 5* review! Don’t take it to heart. Just keep doing your best and taking note of any constructive feedback and it will be fine.