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What can I leave to welcome a new guest?

Hi everyone! I’m a new host and have just had my place booked for the first time. The guest will be staying for a month and is a single mom with small dog and 2 yr. old son. I want to leave a little welcome gift but am at a loss for what someone might like to see when they walk in. Would really appreciate your ideas!


UPDATE: Thank you for the helpful suggestions everyone! Here’s an image of what I ended up leaving and the guest seemed very pleased.

Basket: Cookies, crackers, Las Vegas guide book, dog treats, welcome letter with gate code, local parks/grocery stores, a ball, some chalk, and sunscreen.

I would say ice cream, mums and kids love that. But it would melt. Haha

Can 2 year olds eat sweets?

I don’t leave any gifts myself.


Sidewalk chalk for the 2 year old.
For Mom, a little body scrub ( I make my own, but you could always pick one up)


Some local treat, like cookies from a well known bakery. 2 year olds should be able to eat most things.

Just put it where the child can’t reach it, so the mom can decide about it first.


Cookies and juice boxes.

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A small basket of toys (just nothing that can fit into a mouth) is always good. You can pick up a few things at your local charity store for small change :wink:

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Back when I used to rent out my whole house, I did in fact pick up a bunch of things at the thrift store and yard sales for kiddos to play with! I also used to leave, for older kids, some of those little things you can get at the dollar store that you put together to make necklaces out of and once you crack them, they light up for a few hours!


Thank you for the helpful suggestions so far everyone, I really appreciate it!

Maybe a few cheap doggie treats and a small ball.


We don’t accept children for safety reasons but we are dog friendly. So we leave a dog bed, poop bags, a dog mat, water and feeding bowls, travel feeding bowls, dog shampoo (to be used at the beach), a dog towel and a listing of local dog parks and dog-friendly restaurants. Also organic dog treats.


Yes, the dog be easier to please then a human, great thinking; besides a happy dog is a quieter one.


Ear plugs would be nice.

A great - and free - thing to leave for these guests is a list of dog-friendly parks, restaurants, grooming services, dog-sitters/walkers etc. Plus local playgrounds for the kid and restaurants/cafes that provide highchairs and that are kid-friendly. Also any local events that are suitable.

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