What booking system do you use for your own website?

Dear fellow hosts,

I am in the process of building my own website and would like to ask what booking system you use for your website?

Also, how do you handle payments?


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To accept payments, I have been using iZettle for some time.

Great service, and they only charge 2.9 per cent commission for handling credit card payments received from guests.

I’m using stripe.com to collect payments from direct bookings. They charge around 2,5%. I’ve never had any problem with them so far. They collect the money from the credit cards and I’m getting weekly transfers from them, minus the fee.

I’ve got my own lodgify website where people can pay directly online. There is a fee, but they provide both a good online payment collection and a good calendar integration tool that work with most other rental sites such as Airbnb, Tripadvisor, Booking or Wimdu. Lodigfy can also be integrated with Stripe.

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I listed for many years on VRBO and then added HomeAway. Prior to HomeAway taking over there was no payment processing and I only took checks. I would refer my website inquiries to my VRBO ad. Since all the crazy changes at VRBO/HomeAway, basically copying Airbnb, I decided to diversify and list on Airbnb as well as update my website. I made a simple wordpress website and got a square payment account for credit cards. I do not refer my website inquiries to any of the listing sites and I encourage my repeats to book directly. No need to subject my customers to service fees and expose them to my competition. I require an image of their ID and a signed contract. This is how I do it and it works for me.