What are your leaving instructions to guest in whole house?

I’m a newish host, three groups, and the first two groups left everything pristine without any instruction from me. I ask the last to put towels, washcloths, etc in laundry room, load dishwasher and run. Well the towels got there but nothing else happened. Did I ask for too much?
What do you ask your guest to do as they are leaving? Anything? I’m asking about a whole house rental with six guest.

I ask that they take garbage out, close the blinds, cut the ac off, run dishwasher, put used towels in bath tub or on the floor, and lock up. I do not want to overwhelm them with doing the laundry.

I don’t ask them anything at all really, in person. (Entire apartment, two guests) However, in the house manual I ask that they take out the trash, wash any dishes and put used towels etc, into the laundry basket in the bedroom closet.

It also points out, as a ‘friendly reminder’, that the ‘modest cleaning fee’ they were charged was to prepare the apartment so we appreciate that they will leave the place clean and tidy but that there is no need to strip the bed.

The majority of guests do as instructed but I can tell that many have not read the manual because they leave the used towels in the tub - which is fine.

Finally, that they can either hand the key to me when they leave or leave it in the apartment in which case, they should text me.

@rod @jaquo that is great. I need to make sure I put in my manual to take out trash and wash dishes! I think our town was built on an anthill! We have those tiny black ants that start trying to come in for food in warm weather…which is nearly year around in Southern California! We spray the outside of the house constantly but leaving trash or dishes with food on them is really asking for trouble! Hopefully they will bring the towels downstairs but if they don’t I can still live with that! I need to add the blinds for sure!

We have the same year round here in Florida :slight_smile:

I’m lucky because I live just a few steps from our rental. So before the departing guests even get to the end of our street, I’m there checking for ants, trash and stained bedding :slight_smile:

I request to turn off all AC’s and that’s it. I live in the same building and I prefer to:

  • Make sure the recycling gets done correctly
  • Stains on towels and sheets are pre-treated before they go to the wash.
  • Inspect for anything else.

For the most part, guests leave the house in good shape.

@Evelyn we got a Nest thermostat and now I turn it up or off from my phone. Absolutely this! One of my biggest concerns was guest going off on a day excursion and leaving the AC going! Because we are in Southern California, it doesn’t get hot till about 11 and by 4 or so the cool air comes in. We typically only AC during the middle of the day because of the cool mornings and evenings but people from out of the area aren’t familiar with all this.

Totally understandable.

Since we live on-site, not a hundred miles way, all we ask guests to do is NOT make the bed, but leave the bedclothes in a pile on top the bed. Likewise, leave a pile of towels in the bathroom. Ten minutes after their car leaves I’m in the cabana carting off laundry and starting the turn-over process. Three hours later it’s ready for new guests.

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Strip beds and wash dishes are the only thing I ask. If I had AC, then that would be a third thing.

Hi Wlmsgrip, I ask that guests leave the house clean and tidy but would not consider it reasonable to strip beds or do any laundry. I have been lucky as a fairly new host and had really nice guests.

I don’t have a whole house but have rented a whole house. They asked that dishes be washed and put away, garbage taken out to the dumpster 100yds away on the road, used towels left on the floor, beds stripped. Recycling could be left in the garage at the guest’s discretion. This was a cabin rental in a resort town and I thought the instructions were quite reasonable. I think anything that has to do with insect and rodent control like clean dishes, wipe counters, proper garbage disposal is mandatory. Things like stripping beds or where to put towels can vary. If I had an expensive holiday rental I wouldn’t ask much of the guests. When it’s more reasonably priced, “this is my home” type rental I’d expect to do a bit more in exchange for a reasonable price.

CHECK-OUT¨ Check-out is 12:00 PM (If you need a later checkout, please inquire)
Prior to check out please:
• Turn off the air conditioners fans and lights.
• Put dirty or wet towels on the drying rack which is on the terrace.
• Put all dirty dishes in the dishwasher and run it
• Empty the fridge of any open food
• Take out ALL garbage and put it in the dumpsters behind the green and white striped gate near the entrance.
• Close and lock all windows
• Lock all doors
• Return keys to the lock box.
• Leave the gate card on the counter.
We hope you had a great stay!

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