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What are your house rules?


Just never needed a piece of paper for additional instructions or rules.
I really have to think hard about how many times did I ever feel the need to raise anything via the app while my guests were already in …

That said, most of my stays were 1 to 2 days so rather short.


I’m pretty much the same here. I don’t actually have any printed information, though. I do a thorough house tour when they arrive and show them how things work, what they can and can’t do etc. It’s worked fine for me (apart from the odd occasion but even then, printed info wouldn’t have helped!)

I’ve done it on many occasions. There are several reasons why:

  • it’s late and I don’t want to get dressed and go knock on their door or disturb them in person when they’re getting ready for bed
  • they barely speak English so having it written down means they can google translate
  • it’s recorded on the Airbnb system


I like your last rule about the signed lease agreement. I haven’t decided if I want to take on the headache of longer-term rentals (which is 28 days in my state as well), so I just limit my stays to 28 days max.


Yep as Mr Sunset said guests are like fish they smell bad after 3 days. The sheet of A4 is a repeat of the rules and some how to work stuff tips because as we know guests don’t read, and my asking them to read it is another reminder/learning modality in a stranger’s home, plus it’s right there so no excuses. I actually think it makes guests feel more secure because they know what the deal is.
During the stay they might need simple reminders like please remember to deadlock the door. I just messaged a guest to confirm hand laundry rules as it had come up, and if she broke the rule and I needed to replace a carpet or a piece of furniture due to dripping washing I would have a record. Be prepared as they used to say in the guides.


I agree its a good idea to keep the rules to whats really important.Too long a list is a detriment to their welcome, in my view.
However, to me, my rules are very important.
Please park in driveway, even if behind another car, rather than park in road or at my neighbors home.
Solo travelers only( in my home room rental this eliminates a lot of stress and drama)
Carefully close door every time to ensure not to let cat out.
No shoes in home.
No smoking.
Please listen to music with headphones at night and make any calls from living room as to not disturb anyone else( me, mostly).
Meat free kitchen( once i had someone bring meat and want to keep it in her room instead!)
I also verify they have read and are ok with all rules and my check in/check out times BEFORE accepting the booking… this also eliminates a lot of problems and identifies any problems before they occur.
you may get a response like, oh im allergic to cats… oh i planned to arrive at 3 am, oh i need to make pepperoni pizza… and you can just nip those in the bud as no booking has been made yet.


@Fahed Here are some things that you should include in your house rules:

Parking rules
Off-limit areas
Eating areas
Garbage and recycling
Contact info in case of emergency

There is a very useful blog post on the AirGMS blog about house rules that cover these topics in more details.

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