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What are your house rules?


Although it may not pass in court, I presume it would pass with Airbnb. No?


Yes, that is the content box. You can put as much as you want in there, it just shows a small part when you are editing. I typed out my rules page in Microsoft Word and then copied and pasted it into that box.


It can’t piggyback off the Airbnb TOS that the guest agrees to by using the platform?

“8.1.2 Upon receipt of a booking confirmation from Airbnb, a legally binding agreement is formed between you and your Host, subject to any additional terms and conditions of the Host that apply, including in particular the applicable cancellation policy and any rules and restrictions specified in the Listing. Airbnb Payments will collect the Total Fees at the time of the booking request or upon the Host’s confirmation pursuant to the Payments Terms. For certain bookings, Guests may be required to pay or have the option to pay in multiple installments.”


I hate the phrase “House Rules”! On the whole I hope that guests will behave like reasonable adults and use their common sense, and on the whole they do.

However, there are a few things that are peculiar to our house and I think would help them and us to get along well for guests to be aware of them, so I try to put them in a positive way and call them “Tips for your stay” rather than “Rules”

  • Smokers! We feel your pain … we know you’ve tried to give up many times! You can indulge your habit on your terrace here and we’ve provided beautiful ashtrays for your smoking pleasure.

  • Enjoy the cool of the air conditioning. We suggest you turn it off when you are out and use the Sleep function at night.

  • To help us keep the sunbeds in good condition, please use your pool towels on them (we can lend you extra towels if you need.

  • Yes, we know the pine needles get into the pool : Skim before you swim!

And that’s it …



Yeah, that’s what I thought when I initially made my very short list of house rules… :roll_eyes:


Here are mine:

Are you a first time user of Airbnb? If so what an exciting adventure to start at this point in your life! Airbnb is part of the sharing community and brings together people with an understanding of mutual respect.

We respect our guests desire for privacy. Our guests set the level of interaction with us and we are there for them when they need something to make their stay more comfortable or accommodating.

Guest respect the apartment and it’s amenities ensuring that if an accident happens, it’s reported to us promptly to be dealt with through a mutually agreed upon solution.

If you wouldn’t do it at your home then you shouldn’t do it while staying at an Airbnb. Things I wouldn’t do at home would be dye my hair blue and use a white towel to dry freshly dyed hair, put on tanning/massage oil/acne cream then go to bed and permanently stain the sheets, or eat or drink in bed. Nope, not me!

Guests should feel free to use all the outdoor spaces including the upper deck with fabulous views of the vineyards, the pergola with fire pit (no fire when fire ban is on), sitting area by front pond with fish and bull frogs, hammock and rocking chair at front side of house with close up view of the vineyard.

Understand that we are on a septic system and nothing but effluent and toilet paper can be flushed – who thought you would read the word effluent today!

Smokig allowed outside only with use of provided ashtrays.

Please do the following before departure:
• Put all used towels in the white laundry basket located in the closet of the Master bedroom.
• Do not strip beds.
• Leave garbage in bins in the apartment – no need to remove bags and place outside.
• Use the blue recycle box for glass, plastic and paper – No wet recycling.
• Leave the apartment tidy.

Thank you for booking your holiday at Burma Park on the bench.


Our rules: don’t let the cat out. No unregistered guests. Please turn off lights when not in use. No eating in the bedrooms.


#1 No noise after 10 PM.
#2 No smoking in the house
#3 If using stove top or oven, please clean up after using.
#4 Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink.
#5 Please recycle and place cans and bottle s in green bin.
#6 Please place trash in outside bin when departing.


Every time the subject of house rules rears its had here I always say that that is more or less my opinion. When I first started this malarkey, we just didn’t have such a thing as ‘house rules’ because it was just expected that people would behave in a civilised manner. And the more rules you have, the more stress you’re causing for yourself when people just don’t abide by them.


Like like like like your house rules. Let me know if it’s OK to plagiarize a bit. They are concise but not sterile.


I have found the clearer I have made my rules and boundaries over the years, the freer I have been from stress and resentment towards guests, and the more I have enjoyed hosting. No more ceiling leaks from guests flooding the shower room, no more leaving the house unsecured overnight, no more waking up from midnight cooking or guests having an early morning taxi knock at the door for the airport or a host (excuse the pun) of other things I thought were common sense and decency. The clearer expectations have been made the better the respect and reviews! Rules mean freedom.


Thank you @yecatsr - please feel free to use any bits and bobs from my rules as needed. Cheers!


I suspect it entirely depends on the host’s situation. Our rentals are separate apartments whereas in true homesharing situations rules are more relevant. This being said though, in the eighties my b & b was in the family home and I didn’t have loads of rules them either. Maybe people were just more respectful in those days? I’m starting to think so.


Pass in what way? A contract is generally regarded as a legally binding document between you and the other party for who considerations are met… Airbnb could review it and perhaps it would assist them in making a decision but no more than ‘house rules’ would as its not a binding document or a contract. Essentially its just the house rules written in (Im assuming) irritating legalese.:)… Its not evidence of any wrongdoing or any acknowledgement of guilt.

Personally, to me, its overkill and redundant unfortunately. But if the alternative is having guests sign one, dont do that either! I fear it would be offputting to most.


A contract cannot be amended or altered unilaterally (with a separate contract) without the explicit consent of all parties, or by a third party.
The contract is between Air and guest, not the host and guest…And I guarantee they have better lawyers than any of us. :slight_smile:

And it does state that the guest must abide by the rules “restricted to the listing” (ie, house rules)j

Hosts having their own contract is overkill and worth only the paper its written on.


For me it is the other way around. In a homeshare I can put an easier and effective stop to things or behavior than in an entire unit, where I am not right there.

I had hundreds of guests of all ages leaving the lights on in the rooms; before I simply used to just turn them off, with the LED bulbs it is even less of a ‘problem’. Writing a rule about it, no thanks.

Now at the beach Condo we have a/c in the rooms and I am not happy if they are left on 24/7 especially with open windows. In the homeshare I can mostly take care of it …in the whole condo not so much.


I have the best of both world (I think so anyway). The two rentals are separate apartments but in the same tiny complex as my own place. I can see the rentals from where I’m sitting now at the laptop. So I can march straight away to either of them if needed!

I think having someone om the premises helps to keep things civilised. I hope so anyway :slight_smile:


You can get systems to switch off Aircon when windows are opened.


In my homestay I want to relax in my own home and not have to worry about people doing stupid things. My 1 sheet of A4 ‘Information’ enables me to almost always be hands off. If I bump into my guests over breakfast or in the hall it’s usually a friendly chat, otherwise we use the app.


Here’s mine.
BTW: Despite the one about no early check-ins, I still get that request a lot and it’s always after booking. :confused:

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