What are your biggest hassles/pain points as a host?

Hi all! I just moved to a great one bedroom apartment in a new city, and I’m thinking about AirBnBing the place out from time to time to cover some of my expenses. I’ve read a ton about how great hosting can be, and I’ve also read a lot about nightmare scenarios.

What I’m really curious about though, is what are the biggest problems/hassles you experience as a host with normal/successful stays?

Do you own the apt or are you renting and thinking of subleasing?

I rent the apartment, but I’ve cleared hosting on AirBnb with the owner.

Sure about that? Most would not love it as it gives no benefit to them and exposes them to tremendous liability. Make sure to get that in writing from your landlord. Know that if you do start hosting it’s nearly impossible to “hide,” and your neighbors won’t love it either, and if you were trying to sneak this activity (not saying you are, just saying generally) that your neighbors could and would be the first to out you. Most standard leases have an express “no subleasing” clause.

As for your question, look through this forum to find threads where we have discussed your question over and over. :slight_smile:

Please take Konacoconutz post seriously. This is a bad idea if you have not got it in writing from the home owner that he is fine for you to use his property to profit from by subleasing without sharing the profits. Lots of things can and do go wrong. I would not want to take this kind of risk.

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