What are the weirdest / funniest listings on Airbnb?

I’ve seen a listing with only black pictures, a listing targeted to vegetarians and a listing decorated for people into SM. What are the weirdest / funniest listings you have seen on Airbnb?

A listing in an NYC taxi. It’s parked somewhere in Queens and doesn’t move during the guests’ stay. The host doesn’t mention what happens if you have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Haven’t seen it on airbnb myself but thought a room in a brothel was weird.

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A listing in China. It’s a private room in an apartment that’s in a PLA (People’s Liberation Army) housing compound.

The apartment is quite luxurious and spacious for China, so you’d probably staying with a general or something. It’s spotlessly clean in the photos, but in every single shot a super white, fluffy dog is featured. I think it’s a Bichon Frisée. Dog on every bed in each bedroom. Dog on kitchen counter. Dog on the piano. Dog on the couch. Dog on the window sill. It’s like “Oh hai, this is my house, I just let the people stay here.”

The listing mentions that the compound is heavily guarded and because the guests won’t have an army ID, they will have to call the host every time they want to get in. Sounds like an “interesting” vacation. Weirdly enough, it seems to be aimed at foreigners, because the listing is in English.

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I’m wondering if I will have any success with this one:


Dying to see it - do share the web address!

I saw one listing in Brazil, Paraty. It was a boat with very very very beautiful ladies on it :slight_smile: a lot of topless pictures :slight_smile:

I can’t seem to find the listing anymore, but I did take a screenshot. Henan isn’t exactly a typical tourist hot spot, BTW.

Here’s a photobucket link:

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A girl a couple of blocks away is offering a hammock in her backyard. But this one is pretty odd:

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I literally chuckled aloud. There’s nothing I want more than to sleep in a taxi…

We seriously need to raise our prices for a room with four walls that are not made out of whatever they are making cars out of these days.

I notice he mentions a laptop-friendly workplace. Would that be the steering wheel?

So, so funny.

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I found the listing!

The guests get matching yellow and black caps to wear. FUN!!!

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That listing is brilliant - and it is getting pretty good reviews!

Definitely. When people are charging that amount of money to sleep in a car then a proper room should be double that amount.

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If it were Autumn with nice, crisp temperatures, I might consider it. Just restrict how much you drink before you go to sleep, I guess.

If it smelled like some New York taxis I’ve been in, though…No WAY!

I saw this listing this week - translated “Family atmosphere” in the background is a photo of the Chilean Presidential Palace. We are asking if the Presidenta will be serving breakfast. For $23 per night all my friends are trying to sign up!

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Tino’s Bio has to take the cake.

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I wonder what makes the “sofa” in this dentist’s waiting room so artistic? It looks pretty…beige to me.

Here’s a fairytale gingerbread house.

Living in a gingerbread house is probably the least weird thing about the listing. It’s on a larger sanctuary that has been dedicated to an ancient Egyptian Earth Goddess.

Yep, it’s in California.