What are some of the major challenges I should look out for as a host?

  • Guest Communication
  • Time Management
  • Maintenance and Cleanliness
  • Marketing and Competition
  • Local Knowledge
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What is this about? Why have you posted these polls? Who are you conducting research for?


Hi muddy, I am trying to understand the risks that I will need to take as a new host. I’d like to learn more about struggle areas. I do not go into investments without research and I hear right now the airbnb market is a risky one. I am sure this section was created for people like myself who want to gain knowledge. I asked chat gpt what were some of the challenges hosts face and these are some of the options. I want to see from real live hosts which ones are the biggest concerns. No I do not have a company I am trying to advertise you can continue to follow my posts and you will see that I just want genuine feedback Believe me these questions can be useful to many new Airbnb investors.

A good host will try their best for ALL categories. Don’t take any short cuts because you’ll not get 5 stars. Go above and beyond.

My husband always critized me for going overboard but I kept my 5 star rating for 7 seasons. So I recommend going above and beyond for each booking so that you exceed your guest’s expectations.

Going above and beyond is mostly little things that make your guests feel welcomed like leaving a welcome note and a guest basket filled with goodies from the dollar store.


@lulu20 You won’t find many “investor hosts” on this forum and investor hosts are being legislated out of business in many places around the world.


Thank you @Ritz3, you are completely right. I am looking forward to hosting my first place. Its a bit nerve wrecking but I am excited and any information to help me become a super host will be much appreciated. I created a guidebook with city info near me and the addition of goodies is a great idea!! My place will be ready next week so I will follow-up as I start to get guests and give feedback on what I struggle with.

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@muddy If I am not mistake I believe everyone is an “investor host”. We are hosting a property to make money off of it. When you are using your property to get money in return that is an investment. And it is important to get as much information as possible to be successful in the business that you are entering. If this is not something you could help with that is fine but please do not disrupt us who are trying to gain knowledge and a deeper understanding of the Airbnb business.

Yes, you’re mistaken. Many of us, for example, are using rooms in our primary homes. Those looking to buy places to ‘get in on the airbnb $$$s’ are not going to fare well. Why? Oh, that’s right, I need to point you again to SEARCH THIS FORUM.

And seriously, are you actually telling folks here to educate you when the ability to seek information here via searching is how it’s ‘done’? In reality, your lack of “knowledge and a deeper understanding of the Airbnb business” is currently from the lazy person’s point of view. Spend a few weeks looking through the combined knowledge here and then come back with hopefully something learned that you can offer to the many people here who have graciously imparted their wisdom to this forum.

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An investor host is someone who buys a property for the sole purpose of listing it for short term rental. Many don’t even live anywhere near the property and have it managed by others. Their sole purpose in doing str is to make money.

By contrast, many hosts either list a private room or suite in their home, or a separate home or cabin on the property where they live, or list their own vacation home that they themselves use sometimes. They may have inherited a home from their granny who died. Their purpose in going into hosting may not be solely to make money. They may enjoy the hands-on work of hosting and creating nice spaces, and/or enjoy meeting travelers from all over. They may just be trying to offset the costs of owning their own vacation home.

Yes, all hosts invest something in their listings in terms of furnishings, amenities, or renovations, but that isn’t what is meant by “investor hosts”.


Lol the airbnb business is not black and white some people use it the way you do and others use it another way. That’s the beauty of it. On forums questions need to be repeated sometimes because they get outdated (markets change, and new ideas arise). I would love to sit here and educate you on how that works but I don’t think you would be capable of comprehending. You’re not helping your own cause for the future of Airbnb if people cannot come on here and ask questions or use the features the website provides.

Oh, now you, as a novice host, are insulting the intelligence of experienced hosts? Charming.


Yes and I do not see what the problem with that is. Not everyone needs to do it the way you are doing it. Its okay to do it the way you are doing it and its okay to do it the way others are doing it. It seems to me like you don’t want to provide answers you just want to argue and this is not beneficial for any of us. Best of luck I think I gave you enough of what you wanted lol

"Hi everyone.

I just joined this forum a few hours ago, and I do not want to put any effort into research, so I made some random ‘polls’ that, while not specific enough to give any insight, satisfy my need to show that I did some work before I took out money from my kid’s inheritance and invested it into a vacation home that I will ‘airbnb’. If I am called out on anything I say or am guided by, for example, senior members of the community, have no fear that I will lash out and tell them I am too smart for them and they will have trouble ‘comprehending’."


Well before this gets shut down, it is right strange that a new host would not read the room and would burn bridges to in-depth knowledge of successful hosts who have hundreds of years of experience among them.

That said, what is your target cap rate? What are your projected income and expenses and does the net profit meet your target? What is your Plan B should the short term rental business model prove nonviable, for example due to regulatory changes or competition?


"Hi everyone,

My name is @Rolf and I am so close minded I believe that Airbnb can only be used one way and that is the way I am using it. New people who join this forum may not ask any questions. That’s not how we use this forum here."

LOL! you really gotta do the research yourself to see how outdated some of these questions are. Look at the year people posted them etc. I did not just dive in and start posting things. Believe me I did my research you’re in for a rude awakening when you see what I am saying.

Lol wish I could gather information about that but it seems it is impossible on this forum. Good luck guys this is going nowhere.

You didn’t ask questions. You posted 2 polls. And now you are telling the experienced long-time hosts and forum members how Airbnb and this forum “works” and that they are too stupid to understand.


The polls are questions lol!!! Omg actually I do not want any information from any of you guys lol!

That’s good because were not here to provide a shortcut education on how to run an STR business.

You, like everyone else ion the world, are free to read this huge site and benefit from the wealth of information here from experienced, professional hosts.

It seems though, from your posts and simplistic questions, that you’re unlikely to make a good host.

What a very good idea…