What are "1st page impressions"

Good morning fellow hosts,
I wonder if any of you could tell me the meaning of “Daily 1st page impressions” under “performance”. The term “impressions” is not clear to me. Thank you in advance for any guidance you can provide :slight_smile:

When your property is on page one of a search results page. I think!


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If you click on the little information box next to it, it will tell you @MissMiami

Average 1st page impressions

“The daily number of distinct visitors who saw the listing in the first 10 search results, during the 90 days preceding the given night.”

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@Helsi thank you for your help! However, it’s hard to believe that my listing was seen on the first page twice as many times as other listings in my market, or am I misunderstanding it?

Average 1st page impressions


Search impressions


Market median

To be honest I don’t take too much notice of their stats - all I care about is do I get the bookings i want. @MissMiami

Not how many more views I might have than someone else, or whether they booked with someone cheaper

Yes they are telling you you have twice as many first page impressions as the average for your area - but that stat in itself doesn’t tell you anything. You don’t know how many first page impressions were actively looking. They could have been yourself, other hosts or others not interested in booking,

Your conversion rate if you want to bother with stats is the most important stat to look at.

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I haven’t seen this latest “helpful” stat but honestly I would pay no heed. I get emails all the time telling me to sell my room for $10 and that guests “looked but booked another listing” for $10 less.
It’s crap Unless you have multiple listings and are a commercial operator, I would not pay heed to any of the airbnb algorithms. And even if I was one of those social deatheaters, I still wouldn’t trust airbnb.


Me too. Airbnb search doesn’t really give much useful information. The number of impressions (basically ‘seen by’) counts for nothing at all. Firstly, were they all even people? Or were they bots of some sort? Then, were they actively looking for a place to stay? As @Helsi says, many of those impressions are from other hosts checking out what’s going on or even you ‘checking where you are in the search’.

Think too about kids doing school assignments, people with so-called brilliant ideas for apps we all need, housecleaners looking for work (and photographers and supposed management companies and plumbers and so on), people who run Experiences or Adventures near you.

Then there are the thousands of bloggers who think that putting ‘Airbnb’ in the title of their post will bring them hits and riches, journalists researching articles, local authorities looking for illegal rentals in the area etc. etc.

In fact, it makes me wonder just how many people actually are searching for somewhere to stay…

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