What amenities would you like to see available to check?

(since the last post was from 2019)
Some of the newest amenities, like bowling alley, skate ramp, laser tag and batting cage seem to only cater to large apartment complexes, not single family homeowners, which is annoying. Others, like a bread maker seem a little dated, at least for American audiences. With the way people (at least in America) cook, and while they’re adding on all these other things, I’d like to see them add things people really use.

My wish list to see added:
Crock pot
Instant pot
Air fryer
Women’s products (pads and tampons)
Barware (cocktail shaker, strainer, jigger & bitters)
Pint glasses
Coupe cocktail glasses
Champagne flutes
Weighted blanket
Stock pot or Dutch oven (I’ve hosted large groups where they asked for one, I lent one of mine)


A lot of the amenities you mention Airbnb list, sound like they are US specific.

In terms of the items you mention many sound very north American/European. I wouldn’t expect to see them in an Airbnb rental in many parts of the world.

I’d add blackout curtains to the list.

Very good point. Because some amenities make sense in some places and not in others, perhaps Air could take some of those record profits and break out amenities by location, at least continent.

They have been in the amenities for about a year already…

You’re right. It was on my mind because I just spent hours looking at properties to rent and the majority had sheers or curtains that you could see lots of light come through.

I live in tropical Mexico- one of the items on my “Opportunities” list I am encouraged by Airbnb to add and which I have failed to provide is “Heat”. :rofl:


Under Bedroom & Laundry amenities:

It is strange that rice cooker is an amenity but not the slow cooker.
Or a toastie machine, that’s far more useful.
I had to google Instant Pot. ah a modern day pressure cooker (which will also be a slow cooker and a rice maker), probably the most useful thing to have!

What on earth is a “toastie machine”?

Yes. Look up InstantPot lasagna.

toasted sandwich maker. electric flat grill thingy. I just got one at aldi that has different plates and includes a waffle option.


You mean like a panini press?

Oh, you mean a toaster oven? You Aussies seem to love using words and expressions that sound to me like baby talk. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

yep, that’s also a name i understand. originally our toastie machines actually cut the bread too, we called these jaffle makers back in the 80s. now they have flat plates so you can do different sizes of bread. (for a while i used to make haloumi on the panini grill too, but i’ve evolved to a different method of that now)


no, a toaster oven is different, and don’t even really exist anymore.

and back at you babe… :crazy_face::rofl:


Think again, @gillian!

Oh wait. You mean toaster ovens don’t exist there anymore?

yes i mean toaster ovens. i guess the modern version is an Air Fryer.

a toastie machine would be a pretty basic ammenity for a holiday rental here, I would think. even if they didn’t have one, you could go to the supermarket/k-mart and buy one for $20.