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Wet behind the ears

Hi all been lurking around awhile, soaking up ALL the wisdom, the good the bad and the ugly. I went live with my space a few months ago. It’s been going good overall. Had one ugly experience with smart pricing, learned that lesson really quick. I get quite a few inquiries for longer stays, they always want a huge discount, so much so I have started directing them to the local homeless shelter (jk). Anyway I appreciate all the advice I have gleaned from this forum and I thank all wjo participate. My listing is “Comfortable clean relaxing apartment” in Albion Michigan.


I had the same issue when I started. I ONLY got lowballs. The full home is listed for around $130 on average and most of them wanted an average of $20-30 per night for the whole home. Those people all went away. A few wanted $100 for a full 7 days.

I sometimes refer to this forum as the Airbnb Hosts’ University :slight_smile:


Thankfully I never used smart pricing, but I did add a weekly discount at AirBnB’s recommendation. My first guests (who were also my worst guests) stayed for 3 weeks at about $35 a night. Now I charge $80-150 a night depending on the season, and I’m attracting much better guests. Live and learn and no more weekly discounts! During that three weeks of awfulness, I joined this forum and they helped me get everything sorted out.


Often, guests who want to pay the least are the guests you want the least.

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