West Hollywood Area

Hi Everyone

I have an apartment in mind that I want to sublease but I am getting conflicting info on whether I can legally do it or not. The apartment building said they don’t allow it, yet there are people in the building who list on here. Does anyone know how to find out for sure which buildings are allow it or not, or if it is breaking any state or city laws. The building is in Miracle Mile, near the Grove.

Alternatively, does anyone know of any buildings that absolutely allow it?

Thanks so much for any help!!


Hey Lisa,

Around LA I don’t think you’ll find apartment buildings who are publicly accepting of Airbnb listings. Many property managers are just turning a blind eye to it. You’ll need to read the fine print of the apartment lease and see if they explicitly do not allow sub-leasing and if they are strict with it or not.

Also, I’d recommend not leasing a property in a building with a doorman…its easier to catch someone listing on Airbnb if there is someone watching everyone that walks in (guaranteed you’ll have some rowdy travelers who are completely out of place and will draw attention). We do a lot of Airbnb cleanings and usually the units that allow a keybox or are stand-alone would be the best bets.

Hope this helps!
Founder of MaidThis! Cleaning Service