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We're on the hook for declined credit cards


Thanks for the update. I will definitely cancel any similar such bookings in the future. Let some newbie host deal with the stress.


This definitely sounds like an ongoing payment issue and your current CM may have escalated the ticket to the payments team which is why you haven’t had much of a response. There are far too many possibilities as to why it declined and why you haven’t received payout so I won’t begin to try to address it. Keep us posted!

Agent shopping is calling in for an issue that’s already been addressed by one agent, you didn’t like the decision, so you call in and hope another agent will create a new ticket and give you a more favorable response. Feel free to blow up the call center lines as long as you tell them you have an open case and want to speak to your current case manager. This will just tell the agent on the phone to message your agent that you need an update, add more admin notes on the call, etc. You won’t be transferred to your CM directly but once CM’s get pings (instant messages) about your case enough, they’ll get the hint and respond unless it’s their days off.


don’t rely on the phone app. it is buggy as hell. I block dates on it and then I go to the laptop and the dates are available. I even called the customer service about it and she said this: don’t rely on the app. do stuff on the computer.

As for the declining card… i had an issue with a lady whose bank blocked the payment because of fraud suspicion… anyway I waited a couple of days… I told her that it’s first come first served and if she doesn’t hurry shes going to lose the spot. But she did use another card or something anyway, two days later it was paid off. I didn’t want to cancel her, she and her family are staying 8 days. just work with them. communicate with them. Only cancel if you really are uncomfortable or suspicious.


Three different CS agents have told me these guests successfully paid shortly after making their reservation. Two weeks later, they stayed. They checked in on Saturday and I still have not had my payout released. So, I wish I would have canceled. I was suspicious I would not be paid.


I received the same message a couple of years ago… I reached out the guest to see what was up. It turned out that he needed to update the expiration date for the credit card. If I had sensed any hesitation, I would have advised them that the reservation would be cancelled and then they could re-book when the payment issue had been resolved.


I never heard back from my CS rep, but I did finally get the email that my payout was released!

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