Well, this sounds bad to me ABB to acquire Hotel Tonight?

From Skift (Not Paywalled link)


Sounds like they are not going to acquire it. But it completely fits with the direction they are going, more and more hotel like. Remember they don’t want to be a peer sharing economy platform, they want to be the Amazon of travel.

Prepare for more and more hotel-like policies on cancellation, booking, photos, amenities…


Can I “like” and “dislike” your post at the same time?

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Sure, I do. LOL. I feel like I’m playing the same beat on a drum over and over and I’d love to be wrong but forewarned is forearmed. If hosts recognize the direction Airbnb is going now they can safely experiment. There are many hosts who say if they have to accept IB or no photo they will quit. Will they? Or will they find they can adapt?

You can do whichever please you. Posting this to inform.