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Well, THAT didn't take long


I just received my 3rd review for the new listing, first 4 star Overall. Was dinged one star on Check-in because “Guests in our party said they have always met the host so we expected to see you, but not really necessary.” (See attached screenshot of my message to guest with check in instructions…)

Everything else was 5 stars.

I will get past it, but …damn…this stings…:sob:



Don’t worry about it. We all get 4’s and lower for silly reasons. As long as you aren’t getting them consistently don’t worry.


Don’t get upset or emotional about stars or reviews - remember this is a business, that’s all.


I’m (mostly) over it. It helps that I got another 5-star about an hour later. :grin:

(though i did get dinged on Location, but that’s somewhat more understandable).


It’s annoying. We got a four star recently because we didn’t have a table to sit at in our one room open plan granny flat. We do have a coffee table but no room for more which is clearly shown in the photos. I am beginning to prefer guests in their 20’s and 30’s as we get 5 stars from them.


Last year, I Was dinged for not meeting the guests too. I work full time. Self check is advertised. I tell the guest to call or text if they need anything. One person dinged me about not meeting the host. It is a full condo rental. I don’t live there. At the time I was working 2-midnight. Oh well.


Not everyone sees it that way…


I got 4* for Check-In recently for not explicitly stating the guest should ring the doorbell when they arrived. So now it’s explicit in my Check-In instructions: Park your car in front of the house and ring the doorbell. :triumph::angry::grimacing:

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