Welcome Guide for a new host

Hello all,

I am preparing what is needed and I reached the guest guide… Can someone point me in the right direction on what I can place in the guide? Also if you are so kind enough and have a soft copy can someone send me a copy as a PM so that I get a few ideas?

The Guest Guidebook on your listing has a fixed set of categories for you to fill out about your area. We can’t be much help there. Categories: Essentials, Entertainment & Activities, Food, Drinks & Nightlife, Sightseeing, Parks & Nature, Arts & Culture, Shopping, Getting Around.

Many of us prefer to create our own ringbinder of local attractions, restaurants, sights & activities, etc. rather than making it an electronic thing that guests just won’t be bothered to look up.

We have such a book, prominently displayed on the dining counter in the kitchenette. We point it out, and then guests can peruse it at their leisure. Our book also contains the House Rules, WiFi codes, instructions on using the limited-cable TV versus Netflix, emergency numbers, etc.