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Welcome guests to your home, from anywhere

I know that for many of you, Airbnb isn’t the only place that you list your property. I don’t want to come across as super-salesy, but I am really proud of this new feature and think that it will bring the community a lot of value. Please take a look and let me know if you have any questions.

Guest Check-in

Today we introduced a new feature to help you check your guests in to your property. Guest Check-In from YourWelcome notifies you when your guests arrive at your property, and captures useful contact information from them – in case you need to get in touch.

Get notified when they arrive

An email is sent to you as soon as your guests check-in via the YourWelcome tablet – perfect for anyone that can’t be there to see them in. The guests receive an email, too – welcoming them to the property and encouraging them to use the property guides on the tablet for more information.

Capture valuable details

You see check-ins from all of your properties via the YourWelcome dashboard, along with valuable contact details – email, phone number, company – that your guest adds to the form. You can use this to get in touch with them during the stay, or keep the details to remind them to leave a review – or even add them to your mailing list.

Get this for your property – subscribe to YourWelcome now.

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I share my home so as you say this wouldn’t be useful.

However why would we need your software to have contact details for guests - we get this information through BNB.

Don’t their contact details disappear once they leave? They do for me. Our system retains this for you so that you can capture them all. It also makes them enter their most up-to-date information (my airbnb profile was using an email that I set up 8 years ago because I had used facebook to sign up).

It also isn’t just for airbnb - if you list elsewhere it will still capture their details.

Well mine keeps them for a good few months, but I just put them into a spreadsheet after checking they are correct with guests.

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Good idea- what have you done to retarget the guests so far?

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