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Weird tweet from the AirBnB tweet account

WHY would anyone in Cheskyland think this is helpful for marketing?

From Air’s OFFICIAL Twitter account:

And it has a bunch of likes and one comment who says she’s delisting!

W. T. F. ???

Looks like a blatant attempt to get free publicity. My guess is for every person who is turned off by it there will be one who thinks it’s cool. No one seems to object to Airbnbs in churches. Who cares if they think this Gothic listing looks “Satanic?”

And as commenters on twitter point out, the crucifix over the bed rules out Satanic. To me it’s more evocative of Torquemada.

I find it moderately amusing TBH.

I wonder if they have the Halloween weekend open?.


But I wasn’t expecting the Spanish Inquisition!


Yep they are in Halloween mode and someone really didn’t think things through. The other Halloween postings on Airbnb twitter are interesting

Meanwhile, they close bookings for Halloween. Doesn’t make much sense.

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A very poorly coordinated plan! I’m not booking right now, but would be disturbed if my repeat one night guests could not travel through our area and stay with us that weekend.

When I have a guest I like I message them after they leave a review and say something like “Thanks for the lovely review. I’d be happy to host you again anytime and if your dates ever appear to be unavailable please message me to double check. I block dates for cleaning between guests or due to having a busy dog boarding schedule but the room might be available.” Then if the guest messages me we can work around any blockages imposed by Airbnb, like booking a different date but having them stay on that weekend. I’ve also left a business card in the Airbnb and left them or given them my phone number in prior messages. A clever guest who thinks they might like a return stay isn’t going to have to use Airbnb at all to contact me.

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We’ve done some similar things in the past. We specifically reached out to about a dozen guests during COVID who really need to come to town.

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