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Weird rates showing


Can anyone shed some light on some weird rates that appeared with a booking enquiry I received this evening?

Our rates at the moment are £110 a night/£120 Fri/Sat/Sun. We discount 5% for week bookings.

When this person enquired for 25 nights (wanting a discount of course!) the total was way off, saying, ‘based on your nightly rate of £87, the total is…’ But our nightly rate isn’t £87 even counting in a 5% discount. We don’t discount monthly rates as we don’t want anyone staying a month at a time.

I was going to bring it up direct with airbnb but thought I’d ask here first. We didn’t take the booking so it’s not an urgent problem, but odd, nevertheless.

Has anyone experienced this? We had a few dodgy rates quoted when we first started with airbnb and took it up with them and they apologised saying it was an errant programmer or some such excuse.


I’ve just got to the bottom of this if anyone has been having the same problems.

Remember that recently airbnb introduced a percentage facility for discounts under: ‘custom prices.’

Well, don’t forget that if you have set up custom prices for individual weeks or months, they will apply that percentage ON TOP of your custom price discount. Which is why the guest in question received such a low quote. Delete your individual custom prices if you have applied a percentage discount and you only want the latter to be the whole discount.

Hope that makes sense. I may, of course, be the only dumbo who didn’t realise all this!

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