Weird payment issue - can anyone help?

On the 15th of November, I have booked a place on Airbnb with a host from Italy. After I clicked on Request, filled in the details and went on ‘payment’, I chose paypal and an extra window appeared where I had to put my PayPal login details. So far so good, clicked okay on PayPal and then I got redirected on Airbnb, however with an error, can’t remember what the error was but I wasn’t able to proceed with the next step. So I never clicked on Submit or Confirm or anything like that. And so the host never appeared under my ‘Trips’ on Airbnb.

Upon checking PayPal I noticed 362 euros has been taken from my account under ‘preapproved payment’ just like as if the host already accepted my trip.

I called Airbnb and they recongized that I booked a place with that host (even if, again, it never appeared under ‘Trips’ and they told me to wait 24 hours). It’s been 72 hours already and the host never replied or anything. And the money is still taken from my account, so under ‘Completed’ payments that transaction still appears. I’ve got an Invoice ID and Transaction ID, sent it to Airbnb but they replied something like: “For the reservation with Daniele (reservation code) no payments were made.” followed by “Since PayPal is the merchant that authorized the funds to your credit
card or bank account, they are in the best position to assist you.”

What should I do? Thanks a lot!

We’re all on the host end and don’t have any access or tips as even though many of us have taken Air trips, we wouldn’t have any advice. I’d call customer service again!

Call PayPal. Air is right - just for the record pre authorisations usually settle 3-4 days later but if you call then they can reconcile it immediately for you.

No big issue so don’t worry, you’re going to get your money back :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot. It’s been 3 days, I’ll wait until monday and see if anything changed.