Weird black dots in calendar on mobile app?

Hi all
I’ve done a search on the forum regarding this and can find a similar issue but not the same. I am seeing little black dots on my calendar while using the mobile app, only on certain guests and only one the BOOKED dates, not the free dates.

Previous forum discussions mentioned red dots for ‘in-demand dates’ as a suggestion from AirBnB to raise/lower prices. These dots are black, and only appear on actual confirmed bookings.
Does anyone have any clue what they are? If they are ‘in-demand’ dates, what’s the point of putting them on already booked guests? I can’t do much about the prices once it’s booked. No dots appear on vacant dates.

As far as I’m aware, black dots mean that, from Airbnb’s perspective, it’s a popular date in your area and that you should raise your prices.

I disregard their opinions on pricing, and rarely use their calendar (I do it all through channel manager) so maybe someone else can confirm the above.


Yes indeedy. Dotted dates are during a motorcycle festival in my area (5/8-15) My HOA doesn’t permit renters with motorcycles on premises so I don’t get to have a piece of that pie

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On my phone they are dots, on the laptops they are flames - currently the school holidays and easter are “hot” dates.


Thanks all! Very helpful!