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Weighing the costs of enforcing rules vs getting a bad review


Isn’t it against Air rules to not allow children? I know that you can check the box that your house isn’t “suitable” for children, but that doesn’t mean that people can’t bring them anyway.


Yes. People can claim discrimination if you state that they aren’t allowed.


Update: Just got a 3-star review from this woman who made up a bunch of stuff about how horrible the neighborhood is and how the host kept messaging her as she was trying to load the car and leave. HA. She messaged asking for late checkout, stating that her kids were having a rough morning (camera footage of her husband in the driveway shows this isn’t true. They wanted more time to finish their laundry.) When she mistakenly said “kids” in her message is when I asked about how many kids there were because the reservation only said one, and that’s what the messages were about.

So because I asked her to correct her reservation and pay for all guests, I end up with a 3-star review. Pretty pissed off right now.


Our aged house (and owners…) and the garden is unsafe for small children. Yes, we suffer a reduction in bookings, together with a slew of inappropriate begging at peak holiday times. This has helped us plot the times when we can go away for a break ourselves. This is more than compensated for by adults of all shapes and ages and sizes, who don’t have children, coming out of the woodwork in September. Just like we did in our misspent youth!


Did you contact air? You have proof that they brought more than what they reserved for so hopefully you’ll be paid. Ignore the stupid review or in a very matter of fact way state what they did in a response.


Yeah, and Air already reimbursed me the extra guest fee and flagged her account. I’m trying to write up a response that is factual and not personal, but I definitely need to take a breather before I publish anything. :wink:

What’s really messed up is that she starts her review by saying that she would rate the inside and outside of my house 5 stars, and then proceeds to give me an overall 3-star review. Obviously, that has to do with me charging her and nothing to do with the house, which is not cool.


I wonder if she is pissed about your 1 star and thumbs down as well as eviscerating them for being lying pigs.


It may be better to just ignore it in that case.


I’m pretty torn. She says that in the first sentence, and then goes on a huge rant about how my entire neighborhood is a dump, just heaps of trash in all the yards around me, which is nowhere near the truth.


WTF! Don’t respond but include pictures of the neighborhood with date stamps visible showing the neighborhood in your pictures. That could seriously hurt bookings if people take her word for it. I’d send pics to Airbnb and see if they will remove her review.


Honestly, I think this is a big mistake. Actually putting this in your listing title screams, to me, “hey we’re desperate for the money and will take anyone! Just bargain us down even further”

The fact that you don’t charge a cleaning fee should not be a selling point. Your room/house/apartment, location and hosting style should be your selling points, not the ‘No cleaning fee!’.
It’s the equivalent of sticking a big pink neon star on your listing with ‘Cum here, its relly cheep and grate’.

Just for context - I don’t charge a cleaning fee. And I AM actually desperate for the money and I DO take anyone. But I still present my listing as a nice, comfortable, safe place to stay. I don’t do gimmicks or treats or discounts or anything else. My place is what it is. The competition in my area is ridiculous these days but I refuse to lower prices (I’m already budget). The reason I still get bookings, I think, is that I have hundreds of reviews and somehow I have managed to be a superhost for a year. Plus, of course, because I use IB (with no restrictions) and probably get bumped a bit in the search for that.

Obviously it’s different when you’re relatively new. But I would still say, don’t oversell with a gimmick. It will backfire. If you’re serious about building the business, slow and steady is the way to go.


Ah Mags, I agree so much. I said as much above - sort of - but you put it so much better :slight_smile:


Sorry, I seem to be very inattentive atm and missing things. It’s been a long summer season!! That’s my excuse anyhow… !


No, no, I didn’t mean it that way :slight_smile:

You really did explain it so much batter.


Mmmh… batter… I suddenly want fish and chips. But it’s time for bed so a slice of toast will have to suffice.


:blush: :joy:

Oh goodness, now I’m craving fish and chips!


Did we have the same guest at the same time?


Yikes, maybe? She has been using Air a lot lately, according to her reviews.



It isn’t suitable and I don’t allow them.

As it says in Airbnb’s T&Cs I am certainly allowed to do this. https://www.airbnb.co.uk/help/article/433/can-children-travel-on-airbnb.

@Sarah_39 they can’t claim discrimination.


I’m guessing that @Sarah_39 has seen these threads

@Helsi since you aren’t a US host you may be in a different situation

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