Weekly guests and weekly reviews? How to deal

I have multiple rooms in my house which successfully hosts business people who are here on an almost weekly basis - 2-3 day stays, all of which are great experiences for both me and my guests. Here is my downside, tho. Every week i am prompted to review, as are my guests. Slightly annoying at first, and then a chore. How many ways can I say "great guest, recommended’?

If I stop reviewing these guests (who sometimes have 15 or 20 reviews in a row from me, and vice-versa) does it affect me negatively? Would doing only half the amount hurt me?

What an great problem to have :wink:

Why won’t you simply have a template you use to go copy/paste it? Even it they are the same, so what? It’s understandable. It also shows that you always had great experience with them.


It wouldn’t affect you as a host, but it’s part of running an Airbnb business.

Guests often rely on reviews particularly if they are new and it only takes five minutes tops to do, so I would try and factor this in.

Also guests are more likely to review you, if they see if you have done a review for them.

If you are hosting guests in your house then it should be easy enough to personalise your experience of them staying with you.

It wouldn’t be ‘wrong’ but I think it would be unfair to your guests to only review half of them.

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just copy and paste the same, other hosts will figure out they obvisouly stayed with you alot


Yes of course, it’s a good thing, and easy, and I am copying and pasting the reviews. I suppose my question is more, if I don’t review somebody who stays every week every time, will affect my ratings with Airbnb

“if I don’t review somebody who stays every week every time, will affect my ratings with Airbnb”

It won’t affect your ratings with AirBnb, but it will effect your rating with us! Doing reviews is part of your job as a host. It doesn’t matter how many times someone stays with you. What matters is that they did and they were good guests. You aren’t writing those reviews for the guests – you’re writing them for us – your fellow hosts.

So what if you have a collection of 5 or 6 “good guest” simple sentences (surely you can come up with that many) and use them repetitively. If a guest has been with you multiple times, they aren’t worried about your review.

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Actually we don’t know if low or no reviews is factored in by Airbnb, it might be for superhost status. Airbnb shows me my stats with number of reviews for me vs. superhost so maybe they count.
In any case, it’s really good for potential guests to see you have repeat guests which indicates what a good host you are!
We have had many repeat guests, One has been coming for the last year and a half for over a dozen stays and we review her each time. We say something like once again, it was a pleasure to see Carol again …

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There is no way to tell how not reviewing may impact you. No matter what Air says, they are not going to share their secret algorithms.

However, I would just say “This is Michael’s fourth stay with us, and once again he was a great guest.”

I’d only be doing this if the guest agrees to also leave you a review in return. Just let him know that it’s important to Air that you still receive consistent reviews. And you will return the favor.


Slightly off-topic, but I was wondering, if you have someone who has stayed with you multiple times and you both trust each other… why are you still going through Airbnb? Split their commission and make a little / save a little extra $$.

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I already answered that in my initial response to you…

That saves the guest money but not so much the host. To me it’s worth paying a few bucks for the insurance policy Airbnb provides along with the additional reviews that can raise your ranking.

Well I disagree. It’s not my job, it’s not REQUIRED. It’s optional. I don’t get paid to review.

I will do what benefits me, and sometimes writing a review doesn’t.

I DO review bad guests, and Im very careful to word this in a way that benefits other hosts and helps them.

Otherwise I don’t see reviewing every single guest as a mandatory.