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Weekly % Discount problems


Is anyone else irritated with AirBnB’s weekly (and monthly) % discount? I find it completely unusable when combined with custom daily pricing.

When I first heard of the Weekly Discount percentage I liked the idea. It would be great if I had daily rate of (for example) $100 and a weekly percent discount of %15. That would work great and it would be easy for the guest to understand. However, when I combined it with AirBnB’s custom daily prices it all falls apart. As the calendar date draws closer use custom daily prices to drop your rate to fill the empty days. As you do so your daily price gets closer to the rock bottom price which is your rate for a Monthly renter. The problem then is that 7 day renter comes in and gets an additional huge discount on your rock bottom price.

The alternatives don’t work well either. The first alternative is to use custom Weekly and custom Monthly pricing. When you do this you get penalized by AirBnB and they put “Weekly Discount 0%” on your listing under prices. The same thing happens if you don’t use any discount at all.

This new method is totally unusable in my opinion.


I use the daily price tips as well and don’t bother with the weekly and monthly discounts. I don’t normally get people staying longer then 2-3 nights any way. At the moment the price tips are placing my room around the £25 a night mark during the weekdays so I don’t think i want to discount that any further!

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