Weekly Discount Dropped When Adjusting Booking

We offer a 10% weekly discount, which I assume gets added to any booking 7 days or longer. We recently received a 9-day instant booking with the usual 10% discount automatically applied. After a long telephone conversation with the soon-to-be-guest in which his check-in date was the same as his late check-in time, 1 a.m.,* I politely told him he needed to make his booking starting the day before. (Had we both missed this mishap, we might have had a very uncomfortable early morning check-in with an already warm bed.)

So, when I went back to add the night before (to reserve the guestroom to accommodate a 1 a.m. check-in), adding the date automatically dropped the 10% discount on a 9-night booking becoming to a 10-night booking.

Has anyone else had to deal with this? I called Airbnb to explain their calculation error and they just told me I needed to either manually adjust the amount or offer him a refund for the difference.

As a sub-issue, do others charge guests for the night before if you’re accommodating an early morning check-in? The guest pushed back a little, be he eventually acquiesced when I explained the night does not get automatically blocked just because you’re arriving at 1 a.m. (Yes, before anyone thinks I’m dimwitted, I know how to block dates, I just didn’t want to do it for free.)

'* We actually have a firm 11 p.m. check-in cutoff, but this guest is new and after a short schpeel about his wife dying 3 months ago and he’s up visiting his children, I didn’t find it in myself to make his trip any more difficult. Although, sharing a bed with another guest might have been more difficult.

Yes absolutely charge for the night before. Obviously you’re missing out on a potential booking. Coincidentally I just this minute accepted a booking for an orphan night myself, with the £5 cleaning fee to cover the laundry not to be sniffed at!

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