Weekly and Monthly discounts where implemented in the same reservation

On a 30 day reservation the guest was discounted both with my weekly and my monthly discount. Have you noticed anything like that?

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Yes, the discounts can stack, which is why I turned them off and send a special offer


I didn’t know they stacked.

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Me neither… good to know.

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Is this something new? I think my longer stays guests were only discounted the monthly rate previously. I’ve not had a booking for more than a month in the last year though…

The discounts can stack but not when it is the same category log discount.For instance if a guest books a month or two in advance he may get a discount for advance booking in addition to monthly discount.

“Not the same category of discount”, I meant.

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I found that out a long time ago. Discounts were stacking up; a guest was given around 60% discount at my busiest time of the year, I cancelled the booking and paid a $50 fine to Airbnb It was worth it as I knew I could fill it 10x over.

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