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Weekly and monthly discount


What do you have some weekly and monthly discount.

I get very had to decide for our place.

I have 10% for both of them.

No because I don’t want people staying here that long. I have a 3 day limit right now, I’ve had as high as 5 day limit. I may raise the limit again but only to 5 days. Because I am not in a tourist area people who stay longer tend to be here on some kind of business where they end up being at the house a lot. They end up cooking and eating in the common spaces and doing laundry, hanging around and maybe becoming a little too much at home. I get enough one nighters per month to make it worth it.


Our place is a separate (one big appartment)

I don’t have a discount as I don’t want long stays. My friend around the corner offers longer says and discounts and they usually make a mess and are more maintenance. Hers is a free standing bungalow though. Two to three nights is ideal for us although we do allow 1 night during the week.


5% for a week, no discount for a month because we have a 28 day maximum.

No discounts here for long stays. If anything, THEY should pay more. :slight_smile: Never understood the thinking behind offering discounts to stay longer. About all I can stand is three weeks. I notice the guests stay in longer and are not in as much of a hurry to sightsee.


Well you are avoiding days that are not booked between guests. Less works to do between clients.

That’s one theory… Another is you make more on more turnover.

If you are able to full book your days.
I guess it’s depend the place

Once in a while it’s nice to have a guest for a week or even two just have a bit of breathing room but generally shorter stays are more profitable and less hassle. For me, anyway.

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No weekly or monthly discounts here. Minimum 3 days and maximum 5 days, though many insist on staying a week.

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