Weekly and daily rates

I’m new to this,service, I have 3 full week bookings. I rent my waterfront home in NH from June till the end of August by the week
After labor day I’d like to daily rentals for people visiting NH in the fall. A,supervisor told me they can’t do that because once its,setup as a weekly rental it has,to stay that way
He told me to create another listing for the same property with just September and October daily rental

Is this correct

Supervisor with what company? Are you with Airbnb? Is NH New Hampshire?
Your post is lacking key details if you want our help

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Supervisor with Airbnb, the regular person had very bad english. NH is new hampshire
I did just speak with another person at Airbnb, she confirmed what I was told is true. She had another suggestion that will work for me without creating another listing

Joe Gauthier

You mean you put 1 week minimum ? But for 2 months want it to be daily?. I don’t think it’s possible . I think the supervisor was correct to suggest you to create another listing and just link those two .

Yes, it can be done and quite easily, too.

We have a property in the Caribbean where we rent out Sat-Sat in high season (Dec-Apr) and almost “anything goes” otherwise.

Here is what I do:
In the “booking settings” you’ll find trip length. I set the maximum to 7 nights. Then I create custom trip lengths and check-in days for different times of the year. For high season, I set the minimum stay to 7 nights and check-in for Saturdays only. The nightly rate is 1/7th the weekly rate. For the rest of the year, I set the minimum to be whatever I want it and allow check-in on whatever day they want and just set nightly rates.

So you’ve been misled unless you have a different type of listing than mine.

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Just set your minimum nights to 1 or 2 nights or whatever you want then click on “Add a custom rule for seasons or specific dates” and make the summer 7 nights minimum with a change over on whatever day you want.

That’s total crap. You can set your listing up any way you want, any time you want. All you have to do is go into the calendar - Availability settings - and set the minimum stay to 1 night, and the maximum stay to 2 or 3 nights (for weekenders) for the selected days/weeks.

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