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Weekend base pricing overwriting customer pricing

I noticed that if I update my calendar weekend base pricing it overrides all my custom pricing on Friday and Saturday nights.

This is not the case with “regular” base pricing - which seems to work as the help pages suggest.

Has anyone else been negatively affected by this inconsistent behavior? Has anyone reported this to Airbnb?

Or do both work the same on your platforms and just my listings seems to be uniquely affected?

I am trying to report the bug to Airbnb and even created screen recordings. The airbnb support person even saw me demonstrate the behavior and was shocked but she apparently can’t get the tech team to review this bug seriously.

I honestly don’t rely on the coding Air provides. I manually add my pricing to EVERY DAY. I also don’t open dates until I’m ready to price the new dates.

In my mind, All Airbnb is a Marketing Platform to give my STR exposure and to collect the money.

I rely on myself for everything else. I also check my pricing every single week.


I am just trying to gather if this problem is specific to me or affects others.

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I understand what you are asking but I’ve seen way too many times where this is an issue with Airbnb’s coding as it relates to pricing, IB, etc, so I stopped using it.


I obviously am stopping as well going forward.

Trying to prove there is a bug or at least extremely poorly worded instructions on Airbnb otherwise Airbnb is forcing me to host these guests at these discounted prices.

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with Airbnb is the definition of insanity. Sorry but I now weigh how much of my time is worth trying proof to Airbnb that their coding is wrong. Not much right now.

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They will let me out of the reservations if I can prove an error. Thats the only reason I care to prove anything.


If they keep ignoring you post a complaint on their twitter account.

You’ve tried. It’s been reported that Air’s platform is supremely buggy and reporting bugs doesn’t really seem to get you anywhere.

Go manual. Pain in the butt, but then better than hosting for $$$ off your high season rates.

There is another thread about this and that person had the same issue. I believe they ultimately took the reservation.

BUT you can always contact the guest directly via the Air messaging platform and tell them the $$ is wrong and give them the correct amount.

OR you can call air and say “I’m not comfortable with this reservation” and have Air cancel penalty free (if you’re a SH) and then fix the dates.

I also have regular glitches even changing prices daily. Many times the changes don’t “take” and revert to whatever was there when I tried to change it. It happens about a quarter of the time…once I noticed the problem I started actually waiting to view the corrected price showing up before moving on to update the next price. I had several times where it got booked at the lower price during a time they didn’t show the nightly breakdown and I was just SOL…glad I wized up!

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I am based in UK and have noticed that when I change prices using my mobile phone app sometimes they don’t take. However, if I use my iPad or computer then they do.


I agree.

I think the app either doesn’t capture all changes or has [accept] buttons for the changes I don’t notice (perhaps must scroll down).

Changes I make on the website stick.

Always? I have about 75% success on the app but haven’t really tried the website for daily changes in years.

I’ve quit using the app out of frustration that my changes didn’t save. I can’t speak to app vs Website any longer because after many failures/changes not saved, I only use the app for a quick check, no changes.

Ahh ok. I rarely use the website because you tend to change my prices from my phone in bed, either last things before I go to sleep or more recently, first thing when I wake up.

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