Website Builder for your Airbnb (<15 min) - Centralize Info For Guests

Hey guys,

I mentioned this in a previous post, but I geeked out a bit and made a website builder for Airbnbs. Check it out at I think there are other website builders too but I tried to make mine simple.

It’s been useful for me in a few ways:

  • I get fewer questions than I used to
  • Guests other than the one who booked can get info easily. My Airbnb sleeps 6, so often the person checking in isn’t the person who booked. Pretty useful for that
  • Guests liked getting recos from me, the recos came up in 2 of my reviews so far. This was surprising to me, since noone mentioned my binder in reviews before

I’ve made it for a few cities, let me know what you think! If you want it in your city, send me a PM!

Who knows, if you guys like it enough, maybe I can turn this into a business :slight_smile:

Wow. That looks fantastic. I’ve been wondering how to create a page like this. Thanks for doing the design work. What are you thinking for monthly fees if you get to that point?

No problem! What city are you based in? I could try to make it work for you.

I didn’t put much though into monthly fees, but if I had to go on a limb, I’d say around $10/month, which is the same cost as running a squarespace website.