Weblink to hosts' Airbnb property

It would be useful (at least for me), if hosts, who post on Airhosts Forum, could also have a link to their Airbnb webpage.

When hosts discuss their rental units in this forum, a link to their Airbnb property description and photos would help us better understand their situation.

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You can include a link in your profile if you want people to see your listing. Not all hosts want to do this.

If we need to ‘better understand a host’s situation’ we can ask them


There’s a thread somewhere too.

You are completely correct. I also think there are people who post here and claim they are hosts but they aren’t. One thing I like about the Airbnb host community pages is that everyone’s actual profile is linked to their posts so there aren’t any frauds on there. However, as has been pointed out there are many hosts who don’t want to do that, some for legit reasons.

Do you really think that there are fake hosts participating in the discussions? I can’t imagine that anyone who is not a legitimate host would have any interest in reading about hosts’ utterly mundane issues…

Oh, they don’t have any interest in reading and I wouldn’t call it “participating in discussions.” They are the people who show up once, typically post something that casts Airbnb in a bad light or is controversial (say regarding sexual behavior or firearms). Or they are actually guests who are fishing for information they can use to their advantage. Or they are just plain old trolls.