Weather causing havoc this morning

My listings are in Weehawken, NJ across the Lincoln Tunnel from Manhattan so we serve the NY market. I have a return guest checking out today - she’s a photographer from Texas that does “senior glamour shots” and originally I thought - oh so nice that the old birds want to dress up and take lovely pictures. But it’s actually High School seniors. So she comes to town with a small group of seniors to take their pictures in various New York settings. Interesting business model as I had no idea this was a thing. Maybe it’s more of a Southern rite of passage to have a pro photo shoot done when you’re 18.

In any case I get a text an hour ago saying that their flight is canceled and asking if the apartment is available for one more night as they can’t get another flight out until tomorrow. I reply that it’s not, as we have another family coming in tonight. Five minutes later, I get an email from the incoming French family and they are on the second leg of their journey having already visited the Grand Canyon and are now in LA. Their flight is cancelled so they won’t make it in until tomorrow! What luck and timing. So I call back the Texan, she’s already booked another place for tonight.

You can just never tell what the day will bring (today it’s bringing a hellstorm of rain).


I feel for you superhostnyc.

that’s a crazy hectic morning! sorry for your guests whose plans are all awry. Will you still get paid for tonight? Augh, the joys and pains of traveling.

Sorry it’s been rough - it’s not anyone’s fault but you’re the one who loses the money (though they also have hassles!). I hate it when you spend all this time trying to fix problems and it still doesn’t work out.

Another excellent argument for travel insurance. I’ve been wondering about asking new bookings if they have it, in my welcome email. I just don’t quite know how I would word it without it sounding odd. I think it would be good to know though.

@superhostnyc I hope your day gets better - sending blue sky and sunshine your way :sun_with_face:

(…the old birds…)

: )