Wear-and-tear; damages; security deposit - need some clarification!

I’m confused on the security deposit vs damages and wear and tear and how AirBnB handles all of it.

Most of my bookings come from VRBO/Homeaway. On that site, I do not charge a security deposit, but my contract specifies that the renter is responsible for damages that exceed “normal wear and tear” and they agree to pay the invoice I send them for damages. As I tell my husband - one broken glass is normal wear and tear; a dozen broken glasses is excessive and they will be charged. I consider wear and tear a cost of doing business, and price that into our rate.

I don’t charge a security deposit on AirBnB either. But since there is no explicit contract, I’m not sure if I’d get reimbursed for anything at all, even if they guest does some significant damage.

So, if someone were to take a TV outside and accidentally drop it in the pool (nope, hasn’t happened, thank goodness!), would I be able to make a claim against them even without a security deposit? Or would I be covered under the “$1Million host guarantee” that AirBnB touts?

I’m just assessing the risk I am taking by not charging a security deposit. I’m not worried about $100, but I don’t want to be caught out if I have to replace expensive electronics or major pieces of furniture (that gets really expensive in the Caribbean).

Yes you would be able to make a claim, but whether you would get paid out and what you would be paid out is another matter.

As Airbnb says on its own website their guarantee is not a replacement for having home insurance which covers short term lets, so all hosts should have this.

Maybe the best way to phrase my question is this - are guests financially responsible for damages (not wear and tear) even if the damages exceed the security deposit?

My answer is still the same @PitonView

You can claim for guest damage which exceeds the deposit, whether or not you have a deposit under Airbnb’s host guarantee.

There is no guarantee you will be paid - that’s why Airbnb’s recommends you have host STR home insurance.

You make a claim with Airbnb. If the guest agrees with the amount you are requesting it is easy and you get paid out. If the guest does not agree it gets messy and good luck.

Airbnb from what I just experienced has the worst Damage deposit policy and follow through. VRBO/Homeaway and Trip Advisor/Flip key/vacation homes rentals are ALL better about administering the security deposit and claims. YOU SHOULD BE WORRIED AS YOU ARE AT THE MERCY OF THE GUESTS Choice to accept your claim and Airbnbs choosing to as well. And it the guest says no it will not be easy.

I Just had a group do damage. I have called out a security deposit of $350 on a 3 bedroom, 2 bath lakefront property. I made a claim for $285, which was low. I have receipts and numerous pictures. The guest declined the charge. The remaining process of trying to claim to Airbnb and against the Airbnb Host Guarantee program a disaster. Hours of work, poor communications, and no answers to my questions just more hoops to jump, resulted in an award of $120 even with receipts of $195 submitted. One receipt was requested to be submitted 3 times. And although I did promise that more receipts could be obtained but it takes time to repair (3 holes in Leather Suede Recliner, a wooden decorative box never apart found in 6 pieces (labor and wood glue, clamps). But it does not matter - they will not answer questions. And do not read what you send. As I said an extra cleaning receipt was asked to be submitted 3 times! After no answers and 2 submissions when the “different agent” asked for a receipt yet again I explained it was submitted 2x and the other agent was aware.

PLEASE KNOW – YOU DO NOT HAVE A TRUE SECURITY DEPOSIT YOU HAVE YOU VS. AIRBNB W/A TERRIBLE AND POORLY MANAGED PROCESS. You might get lucky and guest agrees to take charge. You might just have to write off damage and weigh the value vs risk of renting on Airbnb. good luck!

Regular long time readers here know this. There are many posts about it. There are also some where Airbnb paid out and there’s no way of us really knowing the difference. Many people end up on this forum after they have a problem. So sorry you had a problem and welcome to the forum.

Yes so I am learning. Not much point in telling my story. Makes no difference. I know my choices - Deal with it or get off Airbnb. Sorry I said anything. My mistake. Thanks for welcome and at least I got one venting.