We work, guests can't arrive on Tuesdays but could stay Tuesday night, what to do?

Hello everyone! We are new hosts and have a question I can’t find the answer to anywhere.

My husband and I are out of the house all day on Tuesdays due to our work, and don’t get back until late in the evening, so we are unable to have guests arrive on that day (we do not want to have someone else, a neighbour or whatever, take responsibility for that), I’ve blocked out the Tuesdays in question, but this raises an issue: if a guest wanted to arrive on, say, Sunday and wanted to stay until Wednesday, that would all right, as they are settled in and it doesn’t matter if we are out on Tuesday. If they stay Monday night and let themselves out on Tuesday, that’s all right too, they can put the key through the letterbox after locking the door behind them.

But if I unblock the Tuesdays I may have to turn down reservations from people who want to arrive then, which looks strange, as the day looks available on the calendar. Any tips?

Note: the room is at the top of the house, so they need to go through the house up the main staircase to get to it.


I haven’t messed with it in a long time, but there’s a setting someplace for how much time between guests or lead time for a booking that may help you…

Hi Ken, thanks for your input!

We are home most days and can be quite flexible about arrivals and departures, generally. But on Tuesdays at the moment, we are have to catch a train in the morning (fixed time) and come back quite late.

We really don’t want overlapping guests, if we can help it, just doing this part-time, and we block the days before and after a guest. I’ve considered unblocking the Tuesdays but putting a big notice at the top of the listing like ***Arrivals on Tuesday not possible!!!***, but that looks a bit crass and possibly confusing.

Ah well…

@artfulbadger. This appeared last week and may be the answer for you.

Availability Settings --> CheckIn Checkout


How very strange, that “Specify days” tick box thing would exactly solve my dilemma, but it doesn’t appear on the site in the UK alongside the check in and out pull-downs. Will have to look further into this. Thanks!

Why not try and put it in your description? And the house rules as well.

I’m a shiftworker, so while I do post check in and check out times, sometimes I have to modify them depending on what shift I’m working. I list two rooms in my own home, so I don’t do self check in. I like to meet my guests face to face when they arrive.

In several places in my listing, I have put the fact that I am a shift worker and that guests must contact me prior to booking in order arrange a check in time. This is mentioned in the welcome message, the house rules, and the listing information.

If a guest books without messaging me first, I immediately message them through AirBnB to let them know what check in time I can offer for that day.

This is worked in my favour on a couple of occasions, when I have been unable to arrange a check in time with a guest after they have booked, due to my work schedule. Airbnb has always cancelled the reservation without penalty and even paid me out, because of the fact that the guest has accepted the house rules, but did not follow them. I also have documentation on the AirBnB platform that I arranged a check in time, or that the guest did not contact me at all.

In your case, depending on what time you get home on Tuesday, you could open up the date for guests, but add a message in your house rules stating something like, “For guests planning to arrive on Tuesday, be advised that we are only able to offer check in between xxx and xxx hours due to our work schedules. Please contact me prior to booking for more details.

You may also want to consider adding a discount just for Tuesday night to make up for any inconvenience. It doesn’t have to be a huge discount, but it would serve two purposes. First, to thank guests for accommodating your schedule restrictions, and to encourage people to book that night, in spite of the limitations.

You’re lucky, this is a rather new feature. And I can confirm this feature shows up on the site in Britain. Maybe call Airbnb to check.