We will "ruin your reputation" if you don't

Mag … it’s official. You totally rock!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


This is going in my list of ‘amazing retorts to remeber when conversing with assholes’


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Hard not to take it personally sometimes.

Just head down the local pub and have a stiff drink or two. @Astaire

Just to make you laugh in true Monty Python style:

I just issued a three star review for a 30 something American lady who managed to get coke up one of my bedroom walls for reasons known only to her only to then have 10 messages (one sent every hour or so) on AirBnb telling me how the stains ‘were there before’ and how she ‘should have mentioned them’, while also demanding that I modify my review and then threatening to sue me (good luck!). I alerted AirBnb and they are dealing with it (her review of me was very positive, but I don’t appreciate having to repaint a bleeding wall because she cannot control herself or be bothered just to let me know when it happened).

I know the stains weren’t there before as I cleaned that room in person about 3 hours before she showed up and then - weirdly - started telling me how she was an expert in martial arts, while being about 7 stone overweight. She then proceeded to go on off what I can only assume from the time and the state in which she got back and the things I found in the room afterwards was a date and/or booty call with the Indian taxi driver that she’d just met (she was married and her husband is working in Italy).

I occasionally tell guests - to their infinite surprise - you couldn’t make up some of the things hosts encounter from guests on AirBnb.


Now I’m curious, what country were they from?


I’ve heard you’re not allowed to have any text included in photos. Check out this thread: Airbnb says no text in photos?

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No big deal. Their bad review will soon fall to the bottom of your page. Don’t let yourself be bullied. I

Being overweight doesn’t preclude excelling in a martial art. I wish the fat shaming and slut shaming on this board would stop. You don’t know what she was doing with the taxi driver and you don’t know if she’s in an open or monogamous marriage. Also, I don’t know why you believed you needed to tell us the ethnicity of the taxi driver.


I’ve only had Airbnb be fair to me. I’ve had this similar situation before and they chose my side twice.

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@Astaire TLDR what did the review(s) say!!!

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They pointed out 3 ‘problems’ with the dwelling.

  1. The ‘whole house’ had a ‘very bad odor’
  2. “There were instructions labeled but neither of us could flush the loo”
  3. “There was no lock on our bedroom door. We felt very uncomfortable leaving our belongings” (myself being the only other occupant of the flat).

They claimed I’d promised to refund whereas I had said I’ll speak to Airbnb and think about it. So they implied I was lying.

All of this with a bunch of padding for dramatic effect.

If you told them to cancel and they cancelled, how did they intend on ruining your reputation? If the guest cancelled, and I could be wrong, but I was under the impression that they are unable to leave a review.

Ah! Thanks for the reminder. Going to go put that locking knob on my guest room door right now.


Oh yes they can leave a review.

“Bleeding wall”, is there a touch of Irish in you, dubs are terrible for saying that. My husband gets more cross about reviews than me, we are doing booking.com and they are some really mean guests who want to pay pittance and they moan there is no swimming pool. I actually reply to all their reviews in a light hearted way and but getting my point across, so I get my frustration out that way.


Sounds like a stinker :frowning: Have you been back in touch with Air about getting it removed due to the extortion threats?
Sorry Fred, no matter my flippancy earlier in attempt to be humorous , I do know that it’s a horrible feeling.


Reverse psychology is needed here Astaire to counter act what they are saying. You have to tell airbnb you felt dehumanised by the accusation about your character because there were no locks on the door , they were only steps away from labelling you a thief.

You felt irreverence or disrespected by the comments about an alleged smell, you welcomed these people into your home in the spirit of airbnb, you they made you feel uncomfortable and violated.

In fairness a bloody cat can flush a toilet.

Hold on to that money and don’t let go


I’m gathering my thoughts and ideas before speaking to Airbnb, so I’m forceful when I do call them. And of course, many of the ideas are from here, thanks to all the wonderful people who’ve helped.


Have you had need to call them before? It’s good that you’re gathering thoughts and ideas but you also need to channel young California-speak. It can be challenging.


What do you mean lol.

I spoke to them right after these people departed. And another CS called me shortly after like I’ve outlined above, way above.