We’re Back, Sort of

We just had a houseful of guests, booked directly. I don’t know what to call them, since I can’t call them Airbnb guests.

It was a blast. There were two ladies in the Poetry Room, one in the Monet Room, and one in the Sewing Room.

They were perfect guests. Fun, personable, and very comfortable. They left lovely notes in our guestbooks.

I just had to say that I think we’ve rejoined the living, since we got our fifth Covid shot last week!


That’s great news, @RebeccaF


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I just got the new booster in preparation for my upcoming trip. :wink:


Welcome back! I replaced my latest booster with getting (thankfully mild) COVID in July. I’ll still get one, just a little later than I planned. Your comments about rejoining the living ring true. We opened one of three rooms in March, and our second one just this month. Still holding off on the third since it requires a little more interaction. I found myself a little out of practice in juggling two rooms, the communication and turnovers. We are particularly delighted to see our international guests again. We are in the northeast US and have had guests from Canada, Austria, Germany, Argentina, and Italy just since the beginning of August. That’s my favorite part of Airbnb.


I’m getting number 5 on Sept 26th…I put off number 4 so I’d have it done just before leaving on my cross country trip and I’m not eligible for number 5 until then. I’ll get number 5 just four days before leaving for two weeks in Ireland.


Enjoy Ireland! I can’t wait to go back.

My cardiologist said if I got covid not to take any more boosters. I still haven’t had covid so don’t know if I’ll get another booster or not. I’m hoping it’s just going to be an annual shot like the flu shot.


I have gotten 2 Pfizers, but no boosters and think I had COVID back in Feb. Two days of fatigue, headache, runny nose, and unbelievable aching from the waist down.

I just returned to Mexico from 5 weeks in Canada, and inquired about getting a booster there, but you need to wait 6 months after the previous shot, and it had only been 3 months for me.

Seeing as how I have a very strong immune system, took 6 flights on this recent trip, stayed and visited with many friends, and didn’t contract COVID, I am inclined to maybe not get any boosters. I continue to mask up in public places and take precautions, though.

Almost all my friends and family in Canada had had a bout of COVID, in spite of being fully vaxed and boosted, some still feeling fatigued a month later. But all were well aware of how they had contracted it- indoor public situations where they were not masked. In fact, I was one of the few people I saw in Canada who wore a mask to enter stores and other public places. Most places had signs on the door saying masks were recommended, but almost no one, including employees, were masked. At my bank, most tellers were unmasked, but a couple of them were.

I am a firm believer in the value of masks and I will continue to require guests in my home share to be vaxed. And if I do get a booster, I will only get the new one that targets Omicron.

I had my first guest in early May since I closed for COVID and she was great. I look forward to hosting again this season, I missed it.


Just got my fourth shot Friday and had COVID in May after being fully vaxxed and boosted. The new shot was the Moderna booster that also targets Omicron. Got the flu shot at the same time.

I don’t usually react to vaccines other than a bit of a sore arm, but I did this time - tired, achy, and a low-grade fever for a day. Still worth it to lower my chances of being hospitalized.


I had the original Moderna booster in February. I have never been so sick in my whole life. It was three days of being incapacitated with shakes, tremors, fever, sweating and pain shooting through my body.

I agree, it was total :poop:

I got the first Shingrix and the Moderna bivalent booster. I had a milder, shorter reaction this time than the last two shots.

I’ve been traveling a lot in the last 3 months. I’ve been to indoor and outdoor concerts and an NFL game, bars, airports, restaurants. I’ve worn masks part of the time, mostly in the airports and on the planes until we were in the air. I’m staying in Airbnbs, most shared and separate space, not hotels. I have another big trip coming up with a lot more exposure opportunities and will continue to wear a mask in some situations but mostly not. So far Covid has missed me. It’s a funny thing.


I got the first Shingrix several months ago, need to get the 2nd, had no reaction.
I’ve had pretty strong reactions to every vaccine/booster which makes me hesitant to get the next. I will, but don’t know when.


Great job on the vaccines. I have had my first booster. 2nd one not recommended due to age. But will get it sometime in the future.

Are you looking forward to the 2nd shingrix!!
Shingles is no joke and can be very dibilitating especially if it causes long term nerve damage.

Since my reaction after these shots was mild, I am looking forward to it and being done.

I had shingles 5 years ago. I was mowing the lawn in a swimsuit top and a day later I had an itchy spot on my back. That night I noticed it felt odd, like it was inside me and commented on it when I went for a massage. Without even looking at it the massage therapist said it sounded like shingles. So I came home and consulted Dr. Google and scooted right over to Mexico to get the antiviral medication that is prescribed for shingles. (Don’t try this at home, kids.) I had a mild case and within a week I’d forgotten about it and gone on vacation in Costa Rica. I’m lucky because it could have derailed a trip I’d been planning for 2 years.

Apparently starting treatment right away is quite helpful and if I hadn’t had a massage scheduled things might have turned out differently. I’d imagine most people don’t think of shingles when they first get an itchy rash. I thought something had gotten to me due to not having a full shirt on.

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Finally got my 2nd shingles shot yesterday, no reaction first time, this time achey, sleep some extra time and I’m a lot better.

After seeing what the father of my horrible neighbor was going through having shingles, I launched into gear. He was in really bad shape for months and months.

A friend got shingles in her 20’s before vaccines. Then, she got it a 2nd time maybe in her 40’s and it was much worse.
She’s had the vaccines now, so hopefully…

OK, next onto Covid and flu, but weeks away.

Good fir you that it resolved quickly. I met someone who is completely disabled from severe neuropathy and pain.

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We just had a houseful of guests, booked directly. I don’t know what to call them, since I can’t call them Airbnb guests.

I think calling them just ‘guests’ is totally appropriate. Vacation Home Renters or Homestay Guests if you want to clarify. I’m not a fan of using Airbnb as a noun or verb. They didn’t create the industry and don’t deserve the free marketing.


So you don’t like Airbnbing your Airbnb for Airbnbers? :wink: