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We need your help in Baltimore to avoid heavy regulations! sign petition



Our city council wants to severely restrict Airbnb short-term rentals. Please read search for the petition called, PAY the TAX, get the FAX and sign and share. Thank you!


Seriously if you are so motivated by this cause, do a better job of explaining why I should sign it from the other side of the world and post a link. I’ve seen better sales pitches by Trump for his Mexican wall


LOL, I tried to post a picture and a link and the forum prevented it so here’s the pitch and LOL about the Trump wall:

The Baltimore City Council is about to pass a bill without doing the proper research for why the bill is relevant to the specific districts across Baltimore City. Instead, it relies on the efforts of a few people who have been impacted by some incidents that occurred over a year ago and that have already been addressed more effectively than by cumbersome regulations.

Much of the bill is drafted based on communities that are not comparable to Baltimore like New York, San Francisco, and Chicago. We need a more sensible approach to our city that benefits all rather than just a subset of our community who have strong support from the Hotel Lobby.

In the meantime, let Airbnb collect the 9.5% hotel tax from guests to improve our tourism and infrastructure.


Here is your link

Patrick’s petition PLEASE HELP HIM
other Petition for Baltimore


How did you do that? I’m new to this forum? I pasted it here and it said that was forbidden. Do you have special powers? You’re not a Russian bot are you :wink:


Oops that is the not the petition I was referring too but signing that is good too.
Please sign this one: Vote NO on Short-Term Housing Bill Regulations and Yes to Tax


Lol, I can’t even get my own power in my kitchen working tonight, thankfully don’t have guests for 2 days he he

I think when you’re new it limits your replies, likes, posting links etc to stop randoms just coming to advertise :poop: you will see a little tool bar of options when you can post links. Also press the little 3 bar symbol and it’s the option that looks like a chain


Can you put my link in your link instead of that one? Thanks!


PM me your link via little envelope under you profile


Oh my gods. It won’t let me send messages yet either ;-(

Here is the link after the first part of the http jazz and the //



And thank you thank you for helping me in my baptism to this group!!!


Lol you have no idea how bad my IT skills are! Added above!


Can I award you super powers on this site or similar? PM any time! Thanks

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