We need 30 respondents for our survey in our Physics Design class

Hello! AirBnBers! I’m a new user here in AirBnB forums (So please don’t bite, hehe) and currently I’m in need of 30 respondents for my academic survey on my Physics Design class and it’s due today (I know, it’s quite troubling :sweat_smile:).

We were asked to test the users to determine the usage problem of Airbnb towards their users who usually pay a visit and use the site’s services. This survey would only serve the purpose of data gathering and evaluation of data of user who uses the site.

So, this survey determines to identify the problems of the Airbnb website that bothers the user from bugs on certain services such as booking etc. This will benefit for our data gathering in our Physics Design class.

If ever you are willing to help on responding to my survey, please, feel free to do so. I thank you in advance.

This is the link of the survey, as of approved by respectable moderators:

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This survey has been approved! Please help him out! :rofl:

I don’t “do” google. They track you really, really well.

LOL! We’ve all been there!

On your question about how often do you use it when traveling, I wonder if you should add never. I never use it but had to answer rarely.


Google surely knows everything there is to know about me already. :rofl:

I did the survey but I really don’t think the questions will reveal anything of note, just very basic. Surveys should also include prefer not to answer!

I know but it’s due TODAY!!! No time to fix anything! :rofl::rofl:

By the way, this is not the official forum. We aren’t affiliated with Airbnb. We are a privately funded forum.

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To the OP: (hmm…nothing like waiting 'til last minute to start/complete your group project assignment. It may explain the grammar and spelling errors.)


I think it’s not really physics physics but maybe it means design space in this context.

Tried to fill it out but several fields would not take answers. :frowning:

Done!!! Hope I’ve helped you meet the deadline. Ive been in that boat myself…too much to do; too little time.

I was attempting to help out a fellow procrastinator. Couldn’t respond but could read the questions.

This is a group project? I hope this is high school because your questions are definitely just slapped up there with no real thought. Sheesh!

Even when I couldn’t complete by the deadline to finish a long paper in the correct MLA format…at least I always presented an intelligent argument in the meat of the paper. I was honest, apologized, and said this is what I have but Microsoft Word and I had a fight with margins, line spacing, etc.

For your sake, I hope the rest of the group has pulled something together. Maybe you can BS your way through an oral presentation. Shaking my head :joy:

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@cabinhost. Trying to be helpful. I used Chrome and had to click “just right” to open the text box for answers. I don’t think this survey works well with Explorer.

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If you have time to do a follow up survey, would you like some assistance developing some questions that may provide you with richer, better data? I would be glad to provide whatever assistance I can. I suspect that a few others on this thread who’ve had to do academic projects would be willing to be advisors too.

Some of your questions suggest you don’t have much Airbnb experience or exposure so you’re asking your questions as best you can. If you are asking your questions in a limited exposure vacuum, this forum has some good people with an amazing wealth of experience as hosts and many have a extensive Airbnb travel experience.

OP here, I haven’t got the chance to reply to the thread since I got the reply limit. So far so good, we have managed to evaluate the data even though it’s just 9 responses in total, and yes, I don’t have much experience when using AirBnB since we use different one. Yeah, I know they’re all just basic questions on using AirBnB, you see, but that’s the thing. We determine your answers by observing your experiences as the main target audience (Travelers) for using AirBnB and we want to know if there are problems encountered.

Thanks @Annet3176, I would appreciate your help but I’m afraid we’re already done with the survey even though we only got 9 respondents. Though, it’s kind of reasonable since it’s rare for people in my country to use AirBnB. Anyway, I have acknowledged everyone’s help today, and I thank you all for participating! Toodles! :star:

Let us know if you got an A!! :rofl::rofl:

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