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We have a treehouse in an alpaca corral and keep getting scammer messages

I wondered if anyone else gets these weird Airbnb messages from individuals asking to rent off of the Airbnb sight and requesting the address (repeatedly) of our treehouse. Why would they want the address?

What is their game?

Thank you!

I’ve not gotten such requests but if I did I would decline them and report the user to air. I’ve reported one user for trying to book for someone else even though I told her it was against the TOS and that the other person could set up an account and request to book.
They could be trying to save on fees or can’t get verified properly. In any case, avoid them!

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I can imagine all kinds of reasons you might get these spammy requests. The most obvious is that they want to steal your pictures, and set up a fake rental on another site, but need the address so that google earth would show the treehouse. This was a huge problem in France a few years ago, and the poor people who fell for renting a place from someone who had no association with that place were out thousands of dollars. Plus, they had no where to stay!

Any of us could choose to rent via a web portal, but to be honest, AirBNB does give us some assurance that we will get paid, and it gives our guests some assurance that the space they are renting actually exists.


Thank you! I never even considered that they were going to steal the listing. WOW!

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